Top 5 Amazon Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth


Top 5 Amazon Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Alexa is without a doubt one of the most popular virtual assistants available today. Imagine you want to use Alexa as a virtual assistant on your smart speaker, but you don't want to use any of Amazon's smart speakers. The good news is that you can select from a number of great non-Amazon smart speakers that enable Alexa's virtual assistant.

Consider any of the bluetooth speakers listed below if you want a portable speaker that you can take with you (to the gym, the pool, etc.). Also, if Amazon Alexa is your preferred speech assistant and you're searching for a Bluetooth speaker that supports it, here are a few excellent picks.

  • Buy Bose Home Speaker 500 at Amazon – $349.00

  • Buy Sonos One Amazon – $309.95

  • Buy the Bose Portable Smart Speaker at Amazon – $349.00

  • Buy Denon Home 350 on Amazon – $699.00

Finally, regardless of the brand of Bluetooth speaker you purchase, you should know that the virtual assistant only functions with an active internet connection before purchasing an Amazon Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker.

Also, owing to geo-restrictions, some features may not be available in your territory, so conduct some research to make sure the features you need for your setup are available in your nation before splurging.