WebTalk and how to profit from Webtalk.

Here is this article to learn about WebTalk and how to profit from Webtalk.

WebTalk is the first social e-commerce community. The site was released in 2011 but gained popularity in 2015 when developers refocused on business. It was founded by RJ Garbowicz, and the company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

WebTalk is a free site to join an innovative social and business network like Facebook or Linkedin, where you combine your personal and professional relationships and use the site as an e-commerce community as well.

On WebTalk, you can build your brand and get testimonials just as you do on LinkedIn.

WebTalk saves you time as you organize your personal, professional and work life in one place. You can also control how much information different contacts see.

WebTalk provides you with these features

Chat with friends, exchange photos and videos, send friend requests, publish posts and photos, share posts with friends and like them. You can also create promotional ads at a lower cost than other social sites and also profit from Webtalk in addition to many other features .....

How to login to the site

Registration on the WebTalk site is through a claim you receive from a friend or person who is already registered on the site, because you can only join through an invitation.

After that, you will see this interface, all you have to do is fill in the data

After filling in the data, the site will send you a confirmation message to your email address that you have logged in with.

After confirming your account, you will have successfully registered on the site, and all you have to do now is complete your profile information, such as adding a personal photo and putting information about your age, work and place of residence……. etc

Then you invite your friends to register on the site through a link that you obtain by following the following steps:

Click on the three-line icon at the top right of the site

Then choose invite contacts

An interface will appear to you with your claim link

How to profit from Webtalk?

There are several ways to earn from Webtalk.

1 - You can profit from Webtalk through your activities on the site 
Webtalk shares 50% of its advertising revenue with its users based on their activity on the site. You can see 50% of the estimated ad revenue for the current month in the Ad Reward section as a whole. You also note the estimated value of each segment on Webtalk, the more segments you have, the more you earn. Webtalk also gives you activity points that can be converted into segments.

Every single chip = 1000 points.

Activity Points are the points you get for being active on the platform and also for other people's activity on your content. Activity Points are divided into two parts called Engagement Points (the points you get for your own activities) and Influencers Points (the points you get for other people's activities on your content).

Sharing points:

1 point X (post, like, comment, share, view profile)

Influencing points:
10 points for every like

20 points for each comment

30 points per share

So be active on the site to earn points.

2 - Profit from Webtalk by inviting people to register on the site
With the help of Webtalk, you can invite other people to join Webtalk and get 10% recurring commission on their PRO promotions. You will also get 100% match points that your invites receive for their activities as if any of the people you invited upgrade their account, you will be able to get a reward of 5 tiers every month.

And each person you invite earns $1 per month forever as a monthly salary, that is, if you invite 5 people, you will have a salary of $ 5 per month

3 - Earn rewards when someone you invite upgrades their account to get a PRO membership
If you are a professional member of Webtalk or any of the people you have invited have upgraded their account to a PRO membership, you are eligible for the 5 tier bonus. This means that you will get 100% match points and 10% commission on the PRO upgrade from your invites, from the invites of people you have invited, and so on, across 5 levels deep.

You can calculate the bonus from 5 levels using the income calculator from Webtalk.

Here is a link to register on Webtalk  here