A mixture to supply lips and remove blackness


A mixture to supply lips and remove blackness

A mixture to supply lips and remove blackness, some women may suffer from the problem of dark lips, or the area that surrounds them, causing them embarrassment, and through the following paragraphs of the article we will learn about the most important natural recipes for supplying lips and getting rid of blackness in the area permanently.

A mixture to supply lips and remove blackness

So that you can supply the lips, and get rid of the problem of blackness that causes you more embarrassment, it is better to follow one of the following important recipes:


sugar with olive oil

The mixture of sugar with olive oil is among the natural recipes through which you can supply the lip area, where you can put an amount of olive oil on all the lips and then put a quarter of a spoon of fine sugar until it sticks to it, we leave more on the lips until the sugar is completely absorbed, and from It is best to try this recipe daily at night.


Lemon juice with glycerin

It is one of the quick recipes to get rid of the problem of the darkening of the lip area. Here, an equal amount of bee honey, glycerin and fresh lemon juice should be mixed, provided that you paint the lip area daily before bed and wash it in the morning, and within only 3 days you will notice the difference.


Turmeric mixture with milk

This recipe is among the effective recipes for lightening the dark areas of the body in general. During the recipe, a spoonful of milk is mixed with an amount of fine turmeric to obtain a creamy mixture. The lips are first rubbed with a soft brush, and a little of the mixture is placed on them. Leave it on for 3 minutes only and wash it off immediately with warm water.


Causes of darkening of the lip area

The lip area is exposed to many factors that may lead to a change in its color from pink to black, and the most important reasons that lead to this problem are as follows:

Genetics is one of the most common causes of this problem.
Also, some cases that are exposed to chemotherapy are more susceptible to this problem.
Excessive exposure to the sun, severe damage may occur in the lip area, affect it negatively and may expose it to the problem of darkening in the long run.
Poorly made cosmetics are among the main problems that cause this problem.
Also, some may suffer from this problem as a result of hormonal changes, which occur to them, especially after marriage and pregnancy, and in some cases as a result of taking birth control pills.
Problems with the lymphatic system.
Smoking is one of the most important reasons that lead to darkening of the lip area.

Important tips to maintain pink lips
To always get rosy lips, it is best to follow the following important tips:

Drink large amounts of water throughout the day, as water plays an important role in hydrating the body and having a problem-free body.
Keep using lip balm.
Also, the process of peeling the lips regularly, is among the operations that must be done every period, in order to remove the dead skin cells that are found in that area, and may be the main cause of its occurrence.
Continuously massage the lips daily before bedtime with a quantity of beet juice, because of its beneficial properties for the skin, and it is effective in supplying the lips and obtaining a good appearance.
Moisturizing the lips, too, is among the things that help a lot in making the lips look more beautiful and pink and get rid of blackness.