reason for the bleeding of the period


 The reason for the bleeding of the period in the form of threads

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The reason for the bleeding of the period in the form of threads

Some women feel a kind of confusion and anxiety when they notice that their menstrual blood is in the form of threads, but this is normal, as sometimes the menstrual blood is stringy, sticky, or even lumpy.

Therefore, blood in the form of threads is not dangerous and there is no need to worry, and this is usually the result of the fragmentation of the uterine lining and its descent in the form of blood and various fluids that may be in the form of threads.

Threads of blood with secretions before period, is it original?

If the threads of blood come during the period when menstruation is possible, i.e. 15 days after purification from the previous menstrual cycle, and they continue to be present for a day and a night, then they are considered part of menstruation and it is not permissible to pray or fast in this case.

If the threads of blood continue with secretions for 2-3 days, it is considered menstruation, and 15 days have passed since the previous cycle.

As for streaks of blood with the secretions that come 15 days before the menstruation, it is not considered menstruation, and a woman can pray and fast.

White discharge mixed with blood before the period is due

Before menstruation, some women experience threads of blood with white secretions, and this is considered normal and is a mixture of secretions and bloody bleeding, which is part of menstruation.
It may also mean these secretions with threads of blood evidence of the occurrence of ovulation or a sign of implantation of the egg in the endometrium, i.e. pregnancy.

These secretions may be evidence of a bacterial or viral infection in the vaginal area or cervix.

White discharge with threads of blood before your period is one of the signs of pregnancy, and it is called implantation bleeding, so you should pay attention if you are planning a pregnancy.
The woman can notice secretions with threads of blood after intercourse, which is caused by the vagina being irritated during sexual intercourse, and this is a normal reaction sometimes.

Is dropping threads a sign of pregnancy?

Women usually expect to stop menstruating if they become pregnant, although about 15-25% of women experience bleeding in the first trimester.

A pregnant woman may experience slight bleeding a week or two after conception, due to the implantation of the fertilized egg and its presence inside the uterus, or as a result of the increase in blood vessels in the cervix.

You may also notice the presence of threads or blood spots after intercourse or some procedures such as a pelvic or cervical exam.
But in the event of an increase in the amount of blood, you should consult a doctor immediately, as it may be an indication of a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, or problems with the cervix, among others.