GN-M4 Géant Hello Everyone, How Are You? I Hope Everything Is Well With You. In this Post, I Will Share with You A Model of Géant Satellite Company Géant GN-M4, Software Update. This article contains all of the information on this model. The link to the software is at the bottom of the page.

Download Géant Gn-M4 Latest Software Update


UPDATE: 29/04/2022

Géant Gn-M4 Digital Satellite Recepteur
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Géant Gn-M4 Spécifications.

Chipset S5H
Cpu 32Bit Ck610M Cpu With Mmu
Flash 8Mbyte Spi Nor Flash
Sdram Built-In 128Mb 16-Bit Ddr3 Sdram
Dvb-S / Dvb-S2 Conforme Satellite (Mpeg-Ii / Mpeg-Iv / H.264 / H.265)
Memorisation : 100 Satellites, 4000 Et 6100 Transpondeurs Chaînes
Logiciels (Données, Maincode) De Mise À Niveau Via Usb Ou Ethernet
Interface Usb 2.0 (Fat-Fat32-Ntfs)
Usb Wifi Pris En Charge
Ethernet (Rj45).
Support Usb 3G.
Graphics And Display
Menu & Audio Multi-Langues (Anglais, Français, Allemend, Italien, Espagnole, Arabe, Etc…).
Resolution De Sortie : 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P-50Hz, 720P-60Hz, 1080I-50Hz/60Hz,1080P-50Hz/60Hz,16 Bits De Couleurs.