Software Update for Lifestar Ls 8585Hd++, Hello Everyone, How Are You Doing? I Hope You're All Doing Well. In this post, I'm Going To Share With You A Model Of Lifestar Satellite Company Lifestar Ls 8585 Hd Plus Plus All The Details Of This Model Are Given In This Post Read The Complete Post The link to the software is at the bottom of the page.

28/04/2022 Lifestar Ls 8585 Hd Plus Plus Software Update

The software for the Lifestar Ls-8585 ++ receiver is new.

New Features

Add Funcam Server (Funcam Server is free for one year and opens Amos 4 ° W Yes Package channels)

Include Apollo Iptv

Add Hide Wifi Ssid Finder

Add Youtube 

Add Amharic Font Reader 

Open Nss 57 ° E Ethiosat Mbc Sound Problem 

Add Net Radio

Add More Remote Control Configuration 

Add Super Bolt Iptv

Add Sds Slave App

Add Extreme Iptv

Add Local Iptv

Add Dolby Audio System 

Add GM Screen Function 

Add All Ethiopian Radio Channel's


Factory Default After You Install The Software Plug in the flash and hold down the Power Button on the receiver and turn on the receiver later.

What's New In This Update Lifestar Ls-6060Hd Smart

Filled with Varzish Biss Key

Add Mereja TV (My Link IPTV App) 

Improved Stability

 This is Middle Software.

The Software Given Below Is Working In All These Receivers

The software below is working on all of these receivers.

Lifestar Ls 8585 Hd Plus Plus Update 08/04/2022

LIFESTAR LS-8585++ V2.62

UPDATE: 07/05/2022

LIFESTAR LS-8585++ V2.61

UPDATE: 06/05/2022


LIFESTAR LS-8585++ V2.60

UPDATE: 28/04/2022

LIFESTAR LS-8585++ V2.58

UPDATE: 08/04/2022

1080 Full Hd Satellite Receiver For Tv And Mobile.
Blind Scan, Dvb Digital Video Broadcasting
Media Player, Weather Update
Multi-Stream, Pvr Ready, Epg
Dvb-S/Dvb-S2 Satellite Compliant (Mpeg-Ii/Mpeg-Iv/H.264/H.265)
Scpc & Mcpc Receivable From Ku And C Band Satellites
Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband Lnb
Compatible Code Rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9 And 9/10
Sensitive Tuner With Loop-Through
Diseqc C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3(Usals)
Unicable Supported
Blind Search Supported.
Multi-Satellite Search, Network Search, Multi Tp Search
Auto Diseqc Search
Variable Aspect Ratio(4:3, 16:9)With Pan&Scan Vector Or Letter Box Option
Output Resolution: 480P60Hz 480I60Hz, 576P50Hz & 576I50Hz,720P50&60Hz,1080I 50&60Hz,1080P 50&60Hz,
Osd: True Full Color(32 Bits), 720X576/1280X720(Configurable)
Storing Memory: 100 Satellite, 4000 Transponders, And 8000 Channels
32 And More Favorite Group And Parental Lock Supported.
Favorite Group Add, Delete,
Supported Program Lock, Delete, Move, (Group Move), Rename, Swap
Supported Transponder Add, Delete, Edit
Supported Multi-Language Menu (English, German, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian)
Supported Multi EPG Language
Multi-Language Audio.
Multi-Language Dvb Subtitle Output
(Now/Next Daily, Weekly)Electronic Program Guide (Epg)
Multiepg (14 Days)
Teletext Output Through Vbi And Osd.
Software And Additional Data Upgrade Through USB Or Ethernet
1 Slot Universal Embedded Support 3V/5V
USB 2.0 Interface