The SONY KDL-32X1000 firmware file is available for download in case your smart LED TV is stuck on the logo or in a boot loop. If the SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV will not turn on, meaning it will not wake up from standby, or the remote control will not respond, or the control buttons/keys on the LED TV will not work, it is not a software/firmware issue, and you should check the hardware.

Troubleshooting Guide:

If the SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV is no longer working. If there is no power and no flash light or indicator, check for physical damage/burnt areas, short circuits, and then power. Check the main input fuse first, then the power cable/wire continuity, because in the case of a short circuit, the fuse usually burns out and cuts off the power.

If both are found to be in good working order but the SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV is still dead, check the primary power circuit. If it is found to be in good working order, test the secondary power circuit. 

If the fault is found to be in the power supply and can be repaired, there is no need to load the firmware file because the TV will be normal after repair. 

If the standby light is illuminated and the TV is still stuck on the logo or welcome screen or is not responding to the remote, and all the primary and secondary voltages on the main board of the SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV are tested and found to be accurate, it could also be a RAM/ROM issue. Try loading firmware/software via USB boot in this scenario. If that fails, use JTAG with a programmer.

Installation Instructions:

Before trying to write a firmware file to the SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV board, try to Hard Reset the TV using the procedures and methods outlined in this post. Also, try using a recovery file to restore the original firmware. 

Before operating your SONY KDL-32X1000 LED TV after successfully installing firmware, perform a factory default reset. The firmware file may match the board, however the screen panel configuration may be incorrect. To do so, go to the service menu and change the screen parameters. In the event that the remote control does not match, use a universal remote control.

Technical Specifications of SONY KDL-32X1000:

Make/Brand: SONY
Main Board/Chassis: CV338H-A42
Board Type: COMBO
Power Source: AC220
Rated Power Consumption:
Panel Info: HD
T-Con: NA
Screen Resolution: 1366X768
Backlight Parameters:
Main Processor/Chipset: MSD338
RAM: 512 MB
SPI Flash: NA
OS Type: Android
Android Version: 4.4
Default Language: English-US
Region/Country: India/Pakistan
Supported Languages:
Remote IR: Sony
Firmware Name: CtvUpgrade.bin
Firmware Type: USB UPDATE
Firmware Version:
Firmware Reference:
Firmware Build:
Product Model: KDL-32X1000
Build.Prop: Yes
Display Logo: BLUE & SONY UPDATE
File Size: 300 MB
Tuner Info:
Factory Code: Menu 1147

Note: The accompanying firmware is USB bootable and can be loaded via USB disc if your LED TV is stuck on the logo or boot screen. If your LED TV is working normally, there is no need to update it. Before loading any Firmware file, double-check the mainboard and RAM/ROM. If the improper file is loaded, the board may become unresponsive. In the event of any damage or loss, the Admin Team is not responsible.

About the Mainboard: The CV338H-A42 is an Android-based FHD LED TV board with a 1920x1080 screen resolution. This board can use the CV338H-A42 firmware file. The CV338H-A42 is a universal board that works with a wide range of display panels. With this board and a USB upgrade firmware, you may create a smart android LED TV. Visitors can obtain CV338H-A42 firmware for free from the provided download links, and if they prefer to download a single file rather than parts, they can do so via the Premium download link at the bottom.