When does home pregnancy appear after IVF?


When does home pregnancy appear after IVF?  

After the spread of many ways to solve the problem of procreation, the chances of pregnancy became very possible and even high, and artificial insemination was one of the ways in which it depends on eggs and their quality and sperm together. But you must know, dear reader, that artificial insemination is not easy, and you must be patient until you get the result you want.

When does home pregnancy appear after IVF?

Pregnancy appears approximately two weeks after the time of IVF, and if a pregnancy test is used before, they are two weeks old, this results in many results, including:

False-negative: In the event that the pregnancy hormones were not at measurable levels, this may make the test negative, but in fact you may be pregnant.
False Pregnancy Positive: If you take more medications until fertilization and ovulation occur, when you increase a treatment such as gonadotropin treatment, this treatment when it spreads in the body may indicate that you are pregnant but in fact you were not pregnant.
Also, the doctor who follows up on your case will request a repeat after two weeks, so that the blood test is conducted, and this examination is more accurate in detecting after the IVF has taken place.

What are the causes of IVF failure?

There are many reasons for the failure of artificial insemination, including the following:

Egg quality: When the eggs are poor, they distort all chromosomes, and this leads to their not dividing after fertilization, and this results in the presence of weak embryos.

Age: The success rate of artificial insemination ranges from 15% to 20%. Here, whenever a woman is more than 35 years old, the insemination rate is weak, but if the woman is over 40 years old, artificial insemination does not succeed.

Sperm quality and quality: Sperm of poor quality may not be motile and at the same time strong enough to reach the fallopian tube.
Timing: If sperm are not available from 12 to 24 hours from the time of ovulation, all sperm will certainly die.

Endometrium: In the event that it is not suitable, the allocated egg cannot adhere to the endometrium.

What are the symptoms of successful IVF?

Symptoms of IVF are the same as normal symptoms, and these symptoms include the following:

delay of menstruation;
Breast pain.
Implantation bleeding.
You're craving for certain foods.

Does home analysis show pregnancy after IVF?

The results do not appear 100%, specifically for women who take fertility drugs, and if you use a pregnancy test, the result will appear positive and here it is wrong, and that test responds to HCG only the investigators, but in the event that the blood contains a normal amount of HCG, here is the test TRUE.

What does any wife do to get through the difficult period she is going through?

Be as positive as possible.
Don't worry about the sperm not coming out of the uterine wall.
Not taking progesterone and this is because it causes frustration.
Abdominal pain after IVF
After the vaccination, you will feel dizziness, abdominal pain and back pain, and this is normal after the embryo is transferred, and this is due to the stimulation of the ovaries, specifically in the case of fertilization that occurs in the laboratory and the eggs are extracted from them, and sometimes it may appear as a result of preparing for menstruation or others.