White discharge before period and pregnancy signs


White discharge before period and pregnancy signs

Is white discharge before period a sign of pregnancy, there are many common symptoms between pregnancy symptoms and menstrual symptoms, and among these symptoms are secretions that are white in color and sometimes are transparent, so we will talk in this article about whether white secretions before period The cycle is a sign of pregnancy.

Is white discharge before period a sign of pregnancy?

There is a difference between the white secretions that are released before pregnancy and the white secretions that are released before the period is due, we will talk about it in the following lines:

The secretions that occur before pregnancy are secretions of a large quantity and their color is brown and also its texture is slightly thick or creamy, and sometimes these secretions are white in color, and these secretions are caused by the estrogen hormone, which is high during pregnancy, and the white secretions If it becomes slightly brown, it indicates the implantation of the egg.

The white secretions that are secreted before the menstruation are due to be sticky secretions similar to the consistency of milk, and they usually come out on the days of ovulation if there is no vaccination for pregnancy, and the color of these secretions is pinkish a few days before the menstruation, and sometimes it turns brown, as these secretions return to the normal amount on the days of menstruation.

If the spouses want not to become pregnant, they can engage in marital relations during these days, as pregnancy will not occur during these days.
The patient must also, if she notices the presence of very large and abnormal secretions, to go immediately to the specialist doctor to diagnose her condition and to find out the cause.

Does white discharge confirm pregnancy?

White secretions do not necessarily mean pregnancy, and it is very difficult to confirm this unless these secretions are accompanied by pregnancy symptoms.

What is the importance of knowing the difference between the secretions that accompany the period and the secretions that accompany pregnancy? 

There are several reasons why women are looking for the difference between the white secretions that come before their period and the white secretions that come before pregnancy, including the desire of some women to become pregnant, and some women want to know the difference for fear of pregnancy, if you want to make sure of If you are pregnant, you should resort to a home test, at least two weeks after the days of ovulation.

What are the early pregnancy symptoms?

Feeling of pain in the lower back.
A slight headache you may suffer from at the beginning of the day and at the end of the night.
They are common.
Feeling tired after exerting a light effort.
Feeling the urge to urinate excessively.
Breast ossification and feeling some pain when touching it.
Feeling of mild cramps in the abdomen.
Nausea, especially upon waking.
Menstruation is late or absent.
Darkening of the breast, especially the nipple area, noticeably.
The desire to eat a very specific item, such as the desire to eat lemon or the desire to eat sweets.
Constant mood changes such as feeling anxious, tense or nervous without any reason.

What is the importance of white secretions?

White secretions help protect the vagina, ie, make it clean.
The white secretions prevent bacteria from entering the uterus.
White secretions help to eliminate bacteria.
The white secretions get rid of dead cells.