How to View Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone and Android

How to View Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone and Android


Have you ever wondered how to check for recently deleted apps on your iPhone or Android device? Whether you're looking to reinstall apps or monitor app activity, this guide will show you the steps to uncover recently uninstalled applications on both platforms.

View Recently Deleted Apps on iPhone:

1. **Access App Store Purchases: **

   - Tap your profile portrait in the top-left corner of the App Store.

   - Select "Purchased."

   - If using Family Sharing, tap "My Purchases."

   - Switch to the "Not on this iPhone/iPad" tab to see uninstalled apps.

2. **Identify Recently Deleted Apps: **

   - The list will be sorted by purchase/download date, with newer additions at the top.

   - Assume apps at the top are recently deleted.

   - Use the Files app to find traces of recent app activity.

3. **Redownload Apps:**

   - Tap the Download icon next to an app to reinstall.

   - Restore deleted app data via iCloud or iTunes.

   - Some apps have built-in backup mechanisms (e.g., WhatsApp, Snapchat).

4. **View Hidden Purchases:**

   - Open Settings, tap your Apple ID, then go to Media & Purchases > View Account.

   - Scroll to "Hidden Purchases" for a list of hidden apps.

   - Unhide and download apps via the Purchases list or App Store search.

View Recently Deleted Apps on Android:

1. **Use Google Play Store:**

   - Open the Play Store, tap your profile portrait, then go to "Manage apps & device."

   - Switch to the "Manage" tab, then select "Not installed" under Installed.

   - Apply the "Recently added" filter to see apps by download/purchase date.

2. **Recover Deleted Apps:**

   - Check boxes next to apps you want to download.

   - Learn how to restore or recover deleted app data.

3. **For Specific Manufacturers (e.g., Samsung):**

   - Use manufacturer-specific app galleries to check uninstalled apps.

   - In Samsung Galaxy Store, tap Menu > My apps > Disable "Show installed apps" > Set filtering criteria to "Date purchased."

4. **Third-Party Utility for App Monitoring (Android):**

   - Install third-party utilities to track app uninstalls, including sideloaded apps.

   - App Manager: Tap Menu > Removed apps to view uninstalled apps by removal time.

   - Similar apps are not available for iPhone.


Monitoring recently deleted apps on your iPhone or Android device is feasible using built-in features and third-party utilities. Utilize the App Store or Play Store to track app activities and make informed decisions regarding app reinstallation. 

While iOS and Android currently lack native options, third-party utilities on Android offer additional app monitoring capabilities. Stay informed and manage your app installations effectively on both platforms.