Unveiling the Future: Call of Duty® Modern Warfare III



Unveiling the Future: Call of Duty® Modern Warfare III

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Call of Duty team is gearing up for an extraordinary event - the Shadow Siege Limited Time Event. Within just 24 hours, players will be treated to an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III. Scheduled for release on November 10th, this game marks a historic moment in the franchise as it serves as a direct sequel to last year's Modern Warfare® II.

The journey leading to the back-to-back release of Modern Warfare titles has been a long time in the making. The collaboration between Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward has been a pivotal force driving the creation of a remarkable sequel within the Modern Warfare series. With iconic heroes and villains making their return, players can expect to forge even deeper connections with the characters, explore intricate storylines, and seamlessly progress through their loadouts.

Each title release in the Modern Warfare series has been a testament to unparalleled gameplay and innovation. Modern Warfare III, however, is poised to be the climax of the narratives established by its predecessors. It promises to resolve lingering conflicts while ushering in new ones, capturing the essence of the series' evolution. The consecutive premium releases hold tremendous promise for both Modern Warfare and the Call of Duty franchise as a whole.

The excitement doesn't stop at the horizon of tomorrow's event. The teams behind this ambitious project have set their sights on delivering an exceptional annual gaming experience. From Campaign to Multiplayer and Co-operative modes, this edition will seamlessly integrate with Call of Duty: Warzone. Among the many exciting features are:

- A groundbreaking feature: a direct sequel presented in back-to-back years, unveiling a captivating Campaign that heralds the return of the infamous Makarov.

- Carry Forward: Players can seamlessly migrate their player inventory and weapon progression from the previous Modern Warfare II to the forthcoming Modern Warfare III.

- Unveiling Modern Warfare® Zombies: Prepare for the most expansive Zombies experience to date.

- Enhanced gameplay elements: New Open Combat missions in Campaign, customized Multiplayer Operator with Combat Vests and a new Perk system, innovative Tac-Stance movement, and unparalleled Gunsmith customization with After-Market Parts.

- Centralized access: Introducing the Call of Duty HQ, your one-stop hub for all future Call of Duty content. Seamlessly navigate between games and modes, simplifying your gaming experience.

- Fair play and fun: With updates to the Ricochet Anti-Cheat™ system and robust anti-toxicity measures, players can enjoy an inclusive and enjoyable online experience.

- Post-launch roadmap: A comprehensive plan for ongoing live seasons with fresh content drops.

In the days leading to the November 10th release, the anticipation will build as more information is unveiled. The Call of Duty team invites players to embark on this exhilarating journey, promising a new chapter that will redefine the gaming landscape.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience. Your next mission begins on November 10th, 2023.

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