Here Are 9 Sites to Download Free Cut Images Without Background


Here Are 9 Sites to Download Free Cut Images Without Background

Here Are 9 Sites to Download Free Cut Images Without Background Png for Photoshop

It is an important matter for every designer in any field, whether he is in the field of Photoshop, or specializing in animation programs, or even Adobe Premiere, Aftereffect, and others, to have blank images, in order to use them in his designs, and of course we have noticed during this period that we are in, All the sites that used to provide the service of obtaining free downloaded images are now paid, or they offer you a free method, such as you creating an account on their site, and downloading a certain number of free downloaded images from this site per day, and after that you cannot download any other images. 

On the same day, until the next day comes, and for this reason we provide you, dear visitors of the “Al-Muhammadi Web” website, 9 sites that provide you with downloading empty images completely without backgrounds and in PNG format, in addition to the fact that the images are of high quality for the current year 2024, and these sites are available completely free of charge and you can download That is, how many pictures do you want, dear follower? First, subscribe to our mailing list, to receive our latest topics, prepare a mug with your favorite drink, and continue reading the entire topic.

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Free image download sites

If you are a new person in the field of Photoshop, or any other field that requires specific images from you, then you will definitely want it blank, and we face many problems, which are that we find a lot of images that we like on Google Images, but we may face a problem from both: either the image is not blank. 

It may be difficult to unpack it, or the image may be copyrighted. 

We have addressed the second problem in our previous topic, which is how to use Google images without copyright. In this topic, we address with you the first problem, which is that you find the image not unpacked, and it may be difficult to unpack it. 

Sometimes it is unpacked, as you find that part of it has been cut off, or you find that the quality has been tampered with, or even that some parts of this image have been eroded. 

Therefore, in this article, we have provided you with 9 sites that provide the service of uploading completely deflated images, that is, without backgrounds and with several Formats including png, with the highest quality, only for free and without even the need for registration or purchase for the current year 2024. As for the sites, they are as follows, and we include each site with a detailed explanation about it. HiClipArt.

First site | HiClipArt

HiClipArt website, in English “HiClipArt”, this great site, was launched in the year 2019, or rather between the months of June and July, as the site was created by a group from India, as its primary target was India, but it quickly spread. In a strange way throughout the Internet, it came in India as having the most visitors, followed by the United States of America, and it reached a more than wonderful ranking in Alexa, in a very short time, and it provides millions of libraries that contain completely empty images, in more than one format, and it contains images Modern and classic, in keeping with the times, and it comes with a very simple design interface, so anyone from any country, regardless of their language, can deal with the site.


The “TrzCaCak” website comes in second place after our first site, HiClipArt. It was launched at the same time, and it was also targeting India. As for the launch date of the site, it comes in 2009, but it was unknown until it witnessed great and intense demand in 2019, and in The truth is that the site has only been on for a few months, reaching a high rank on Alexa, and getting visitors from various countries of the world. India comes first, followed by the United States of America, and then Brazil. The site currently contains more than half a million PNG images, without copyrights. And ready for free download however you want. The site comes with a contemporary design, but it is simple to use, unlike HiClipArt. The site works to enlarge and provide millions of images in the coming months.

“FreePngs” website, this site is considered one of the largest specialized sites in this field, as it was created in 2008 and continued until 2009, after which it was closed. We will see its return again in 2017, and it receives a more than wonderful number of visitors from different countries. The world, and of course the site has become paid, but it provides thousands of images completely free of charge. As for the visitors who visit it most from the countries of the world, India comes in first place, followed by Egypt, followed by Indonesia. The site is distinguished by the multiplicity of different images on it, and likewise the matter is simple in Loading process.


This is the giant site “PngImg” in the field of free images. This site was created on October 7, 2013, and thus it bears seniority. It is popular in the field of downloading images without backgrounds, as it was designed with a very simple interface, and it has millions of free images. It receives many visitors monthly, and a number of amazing posts on various social networking sites. As for the countries that visit this site the most, they are India, followed by the United States of America, and then Iran.


As for the “FreePngImg” website, it is characterized by complete freeness of all images on it, as it contains more than 50 thousand blank images without backgrounds. It was launched in 2016, but was soon closed due to its inability to compete in its field, but it returned in 2017, It gained great fame in its history in 2019, and is characterized by a more than wonderful modern design interface. As for the countries most visited by the site, it is India, then the United States of America, followed by Egypt.


The “pngfly” website was recently launched at the beginning of 2019, and has achieved great achievements compared to the rest of its competing sites in the same field, as it was able to obtain a tremendous amount of continuous visits to it, and it also comes with a modern but simple design, while the secret behind its spread is In a very strange way, it contains millions of downloaded images, knowing that they are completely free, in addition to the fact that there is no specific number of download times, as they are absolutely unlimited, meaning you are free to download images from it at any time, and as many times as you want.


This ancient site, “StickPng”, is considered one of the old sites that has been available in the field since the year 2016, as that was only the year of its beginning. 

The site has witnessed great popularity starting in 2017, and the site is still at the forefront, and it is the most famous of them, and it comes after them. 

As for the most... The countries that visit it, India is number one, followed by the United States of America, and then Argentina, and it comes with a very beautiful design, different from the rest of the other sites, which are smooth in dealing with them, but you will find them more professional.


The beginning of the PngMart website came in 2014, but it was soon closed, and began launching again in 2016. It noticed great popularity throughout the past years, and its greatest fame came in 2019, as it attracted the largest number of visitors at that time, and was among the famous sites. 

In this area, as for its design, it is very simple, and as for the countries in the world that visit it most, it is India, then the United States of America, followed by Pakistan.


As for this site, it is considered a modern site, as it was launched in late 2019, but it comes with a very distinctive design, completely different from the rest of the colors, and it comes with very modern icons, almost different from the icons of other sites. It contains hundreds of completely blank images, but it comes with the purest quality and the latest designs, and the site has still witnessed a huge number of visitors since its inception.