Download Audiobook Player App Enhanced Features and Improved Performance


Download Audiobook Player App Enhanced Features and Improved Performance

Audiobook Player App - Enhanced Features and Improved Performance


Discover an advanced audiobook player designed for audiophiles and book enthusiasts alike. This specialized program offers a range of features that enhance your audiobook listening experience, from customizable playback controls to intelligent book management. Read on to explore the rich array of functionalities that set this app apart.


1.Playback Speed Control

   - Tailor the listening experience to your preference with adjustable playback speed controls.

2. Book Classification

   - Easily organize your audiobook collection with a classification system, distinguishing between new arrivals, ongoing reads, and completed titles.

3.Download Cover Art

   - Enhance visual appeal by automatically fetching cover art from the internet, giving your audiobook library a polished look.

4.Character List

   - Stay engaged in the story by manually creating character lists, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex narratives.

5.Automatic Pause and Resume

   - Never miss a moment – the app intelligently pauses playback if you doze off. Simply shake your phone to resume where you left off.

6. Playback History

   - Track your listening journey with a comprehensive playback history, allowing you to revisit your favorite moments.

7. Application Widget

   - Enjoy convenient control directly from your home screen with the dedicated application widget.

8.Folder Exclusion

   - Streamline your library by specifying a root folder, excluding non-audiobook content like music and other audio files.

9.Independent Progress Tracking

   - Start a new book without finishing the current one. The app saves progress independently for each book in your collection.

10.Ad-Free Experience

    - Immerse yourself in uninterrupted listening without the intrusion of ads.

11. Full Version Benefits

    - Unlock the full potential of the app, including additional settings and the ability to convert MP3 to Opus format.

12.MP3 to Opus Conversion

    - Optimize your library's size with minimal sound quality loss by converting MP3 files to Opus format.

13.Battery Level Control

    - Choose when MP3 to Opus conversion pauses based on battery levels, preserving your device's power.

14.Backup to USB Drive

    - Safeguard your collection by creating a backup on an external USB drive in case of phone loss or damage.

Updates (What's New):

MP3 to Opus Conversion Option

  - Introducing the ability to convert MP3 to Opus format, reducing library size with minimal quality compromise.

- Battery Level Pause

  - Control the MP3 to Opus conversion process by setting a minimum battery level at which the conversion will pause.

- Backup to USB Drive

  - Added functionality to create a backup of your audiobooks on an external USB drive for added security.

Mod Info:

- Full Version Unlocked

  - Access all premium features without any restrictions.

- Optimized Performance

  - Graphics and resources are optimized for faster loading.

- Permission Management

  - Unnecessary permissions, receivers, providers, and services are disabled or removed.

- Enhanced Stability

  - Debug code and rate dialogs have been removed, ensuring a smooth and stable user experience.

- Multi-Language Support

  - Enjoy the app in your preferred language with full multi-language support.

- Cross-Device Compatibility

  - Compatible with various CPUs and screen DPIs for a seamless experience across devices.

- Original Package Signature Changed

  - Package signature has been updated for enhanced security.

Experience the ultimate audiobook journey with this feature-rich and optimized app. Download now to elevate your listening experience to new heights.