Review KitchenAid KRQC506MPS Refrigerator


Review KitchenAid KRQC506MPS Refrigerator


Excellent Temperature Performance

   - The refrigerator maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring the freshness and safety of stored food.

   - Achieves near-perfect scores in temperature tests, with a 37°F sweet spot in the fridge and just-below-zero temperature in the freezer.

   - Digital control panel allows precise temperature adjustments in each compartment.

Large Capacity

   - Spacious 12.5 cubic feet of usable space, providing ample storage for a variety of perishables.

   - Well-proportioned shelves and doors accommodate tall items, enhancing organization.

High-End Feel

   - Stylish stainless-steel finish with PrintShield technology resists smudges and fingerprints.

   - Simple yet sophisticated design with platinum-colored accents and wood-like details.


No Water Dispenser

   - Lack of a water dispenser, both internally and through the door, may be inconvenient for users accustomed to this feature.

   - Absence of a water dispenser means no water filter for the ice maker.

Freezer Storage is Limited

   - Some usability issues noted, including messy freezer doors and uncomfortably cold metal handles.

   - Design elements like nooks as handles on freezer doors collect crumbs and are challenging to clean.

Minor Usability Issues

   - Metal handles on the freezer become uncomfortably cold to the touch, causing inconvenience.

   - Freezer design makes it difficult to store wide items like larger frozen pizzas and sheet trays.

Other Considerations

Generous Capacity

   - While the advertised 19.4 cubic feet may include non-usable space, the measured 12.5 cubic feet remains impressive for a counter-depth French-door fridge.

Variety of Storage Options

   - Multiple shelves, crisper drawers, and deep bins in both the fridge and freezer offer versatile organization possibilities.

User Reviews

   - Average user review of 4.3 stars out of 5, with positive feedback on sleek design and ample storage space.

   - Minor complaints mainly relate to the absence of a water dispenser.


   - KitchenAid provides a standard 1-year warranty covering parts and labor, with an optional extended 5-year warranty for non-cosmetic defects.

$3,099.99 from Best Buy

$3,099.00 from Home Depot


The KitchenAid KRQC506MPS Refrigerator stands out for its excellent temperature performance, large capacity, and high-end design. While lacking a water dispenser may be a drawback for some, the overall positive user reviews and minimal downsides make it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable and stylish appliance. Consideration of individual preferences, especially regarding water dispensing features, is advised before making a purchase.