Samsung Brings Artificial Intelligence to Galaxy S24 Phones


Samsung Brings Artificial Intelligence to Galaxy S24 Phones


Samsung recently unveiled its groundbreaking artificial intelligence model, Gauss, designed to generate and edit texts, images, and assist in programming. This AI innovation is set to make its way to the Galaxy S24 phones in 2024, marking a significant leap in Samsung's commitment to integrating AI into its smartphones.

Galaxy AI Platform

Samsung introduces Galaxy AI, a platform that incorporates both on-device AI and cloud-based AI collaboration. The company aims to seamlessly integrate AI into its smartphones, starting in 2024. One notable feature is the "AI Live Translate Call," a translation feature powered by artificial intelligence. Samsung is poised to deliver its own AI platform, enhancing the capabilities of its smartphones.

Samsung Gauss: The Generative AI Model

Samsung has also unveiled its generative AI model, Gauss, capable of creating and editing texts and images, as well as aiding in programming tasks. Expected to be featured in the upcoming Galaxy S24, Gauss showcased its capabilities during Samsung's AI forum in November 2023. The AI model can create and edit images, process documents, and function as a coding assistant.

Gauss Integration and Naming

Samsung initiated the customization of its generative AI model, Gauss, for its new devices. Gauss is set to be integrated into the upcoming Galaxy S24, expected to debut in early 2024. The name Gauss pays homage to the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, reflecting the AI model's foundation in natural distribution theory. Developed by Samsung Research, Gauss includes language processing and image processing components.

Samsung's AI Strategy

Samsung's strategy involves locally running parts of the Gauss model on household appliances and mobile phones, starting in 2024. This integration aims to enhance the core functions of devices, laying the groundwork for innovative AI applications on home appliances and mobile devices.

Future Implications for Galaxy S24

The integration of Gauss in the Galaxy S24 could be a key selling point, especially if it can locally run limited generative language and image models on the device. Samsung is actively working on bringing AI to its virtual assistant, Bixby, for home devices, enhancing voice commands and natural interactions.

Samsung's One UI Integration

Samsung plans to deeply integrate its new AI model into its user interface, providing more than just additional features for Bixby. The goal is to create effective and flexible communication, improving productivity and user experience.

Internal Use and Future Expansion

Samsung is currently utilizing the Samsung Gauss model internally to improve employee productivity. The company plans to gradually expand its use to a variety of applications across Samsung products, promising a new and enhanced user experience in the near future.


The integration of Samsung's AI model, Gauss, is poised to revolutionize the smartphone experience. As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of AI integration, the Galaxy S24 is expected to redefine how we perceive and interact with smartphones.

Q&A Section

Q1: When will the AI integration be available on Samsung smartphones?

A1: Samsung plans to integrate AI into its smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S24 in 2024.

Q2: What features does the Gauss AI model bring to the Galaxy S24?

A2: The Gauss AI model can generate and edit texts and images, assist in programming tasks, and enhance the overall capabilities of the Galaxy S24.

Q3: How does Samsung aim to implement AI in its user interface?

A3: Samsung plans to deeply integrate its new AI model into its One UI, going beyond mere enhancements for Bixby, to provide effective and flexible communication.

Explore the groundbreaking AI integration in Samsung's Galaxy S24, featuring the innovative Gauss AI model. Discover how Samsung is redefining the smartphone experience with advanced AI capabilities.