Unveiling Hidden Features in iOS 17


Unveiling Hidden Features in iOS 17

Unveiling Hidden Features in iOS 17: Enhance Your iPhone Experience

A few months ago, Apple released iOS 17, the latest operating system for eligible iPhones. Since then, several updates have been rolled out, introducing new features with each one. However, there are numerous hidden features, settings, tweaks, and small changes that might have escaped your notice but can significantly improve your iPhone usage experience. In this article, we'll highlight some of the standout hidden features in iOS 17 and how to make the most of them.

Effortlessly Send Photos via Messages

Long-pressing the (+) button in the Messages app gives you direct access to your photo gallery for quickly sending images. This method proves faster than tapping the (+) icon, then selecting (Photos) to reach your iPhone's photo gallery.

Easily Add Text to Shapes

In the Photos app, after adding a shape to an image using the Markup tool, double-tap the chosen shape to insert text within it.

Decode Laundry Symbols in the Photos App

Utilize the Visual Look Up feature in the Photos app to decipher laundry symbols on clothing labels. Simply capture an image of the laundry tag and tap on the Visual Look Up icon in the Photos app to get information about the symbols.

Notification Sounds in Focus Mode

While setting up Focus Mode, choose to mute notification sounds either always or only when the iPhone is locked.

Lock the Journal App

To safeguard your daily journal entries in the new Journal app, activate the (Lock Journal) option in the app settings to prevent unauthorized access.

Schedule Journal Entries

For those who enjoy journaling but struggle to remember to use the Journal app, activate the scheduled journaling times in the Journal section of the Settings app. Receive reminders to add journal entries at the chosen time.

For more information on the new Journal app, refer to the article: "How to Use the New Journal App in iOS 17.2?"

Shake to Undo Changes

If you've rearranged apps on the home screen or modified widget placements and aren't satisfied with the new arrangement, shake your iPhone and tap the (Undo) button to revert to the previous layout. This undoes the latest change, restoring apps and widgets to their previous positions.

Unlock the full potential of your iPhone by exploring these hidden features in iOS 17. Enhance your user experience and streamline daily tasks with these tips and tricks.