Web test status sharing feature via WhatsApp


Web test status sharing feature via WhatsApp


WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform, is testing a new feature that allows users to share their status updates with contacts through the desktop browser version known as “ WhatsApp Web .” This latest addition aims to improve the user experience, providing seamless status sharing across different devices.

Share status on WhatsApp Web

The new feature has been noticed in the accounts of users participating in the WhatsApp beta program, which indicates that it will soon be launched for all users. Additionally, it is expected to be available on Windows and macOS desktop operating systems .  

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WhatsApp Web will enable users to share texts, photos and videos as status updates directly through the browser, mirroring the functionality available in the mobile app. Most importantly, status updates will maintain end-to-end encryption, ensuring user privacy.

This function is especially useful for users who spend long periods of time on their computers, allowing them to share status updates directly from their desktop browser without the need for a smartphone.

Evolution of WhatsApp status

WhatsApp initially introduced the status feature in 2017, becoming a prominent aspect of the app. Users can share different types of content with contacts, and they are visible for 24 hours before automatically disappearing. However, until now, the ability to share statuses has been limited to the mobile app, except for desktop users.

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Latest developments and future plans

These new changes are in line with WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to improve the Status section. In addition to status sharing, the platform is experimenting with options like sharing high-quality statuses, improving the integration of channel posts as statuses, and improving the display of statuses in the updates tab.

Questions and answers section

Q1: When will the status sharing feature be available to all WhatsApp Web users?

A1: Although the exact release date has not been confirmed, the feature is in the testing phase and is expected to be rolled out to all users soon.

Q2: How does WhatsApp ensure the privacy of statuses shared on WhatsApp Web?

A2: WhatsApp maintains end-to-end encryption for all status updates, regardless of whether they are shared through the mobile app or desktop browser.

Q3: What other developments can users expect in the WhatsApp status section?

A3: WhatsApp is exploring additional features such as sharing high-quality statuses, integrating channel posts as statuses, and improving the display of statuses in the updates tab.

Explore the latest update from WhatsApp as it tests a new feature that allows users to share statuses on WhatsApp Web. Learn about the potential release, encryption procedures, and other upcoming developments in the popular messaging system. Stay up to date with the latest technologies from the Arab Technology News Portal.