WhatsApp Tests New Features for Channels


WhatsApp Tests New Features for Channels

WhatsApp Tests New Features for Channels, Taking Inspiration from Instagram

WhatsApp is currently experimenting with several new changes in its Channels section, as observed in the latest beta versions of the application. One of the prominent updates includes the ability to share posts from within channels as a status within the app, featuring a new user interface for this function. The application will display the shared posts within a defined frame, showcasing the channel's name from which the post was shared, along with a button for direct access to the channel.

Web test status sharing feature via WhatsApp

These new changes bear a striking resemblance to Instagram, also owned by Meta, which displays a similar interface when sharing posts as statuses. These alterations aim to bridge the gap between various Meta-owned platforms by unifying the user experience.

WhatsApp is also testing the addition of features such as opinion polls and automatic compilation of images posted within channels into an album. This feature aims to facilitate the review of images in channels, similar to the experience in individual chats and groups.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp globally launched the Channels feature, allowing users to share content with a broad audience. Users can interact with posts using emojis without revealing their identities. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, the Channels feature on WhatsApp surpassed 500 million monthly active users by the end of November.

There are reports suggesting that Meta plans to introduce advertisements to the WhatsApp application in the future, specifically in the Updates section where statuses and channel updates appear.