WhatsApp Tests New Reply Bar for Status Updates Inspired by Instagram Stories



WhatsApp Tests New Reply Bar for Status Updates Inspired by Instagram Stories

WhatsApp is rolling out a beta update for Android and iOS users, introducing a new reply bar for Status updates. This feature takes inspiration from Instagram Stories, aiming to enhance user experience and streamline communication.

A Unified Approach by Meta

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, has been making strides to unify its apps. One notable commonality among these platforms is the presence of disappearing Stories or Status updates, a feature that WhatsApp is now set to enhance with a new reply bar.

What to Expect

The new reply bar for WhatsApp Status updates mirrors the elongated, pill-shaped reply bar seen in Instagram Stories. This innovation is poised to replace the existing swipe-up gesture used for replying to Statuses on the messaging app.

Streamlining Communication

Currently, users navigate the swipe-up gesture to reply, accompanied by six emoji reactions, akin to Instagram. The new reply bar promises a more direct approach, aligning WhatsApp's UI with Instagram's and fostering a smoother communication flow for Status updates.

Insight from Beebom

Beebom views the introduction of the new reply bar as a positive move. It eliminates the need for the swipe-up gesture, offering a more direct means of engaging with Status updates. This change aligns with Instagram's user interface, promising enhanced convenience for WhatsApp users.

New Reply Bar

Additional WhatsApp Features

In addition to the Status update changes, WhatsApp is exploring ways for Channel owners to receive channel alerts. WhatsApp Channels, introduced recently, aim to facilitate information dissemination. The timeline for these updates reaching the general public remains uncertain.

Meta's Ongoing Developments

While these changes are underway, iOS users have received updates, including the option to send View Once voice messages, check connection health during calls, and pin messages in group chats. The broader implications of Meta's efforts to integrate and enhance its messaging platforms are yet to unfold.

Q&A Section

Q1: How does the new reply bar differ from the swipe-up gesture?

The new reply bar provides a more direct means of replying to Status updates, eliminating the need for the swipe-up gesture. It aligns with Instagram's UI, ensuring a seamless experience.

Q2: What additional features is WhatsApp testing besides the new reply bar?

WhatsApp is exploring channel alerts for Channel owners and has introduced various features for iOS users, including View Once voice messages and connection health checks during calls.

Q3: When can users expect these changes to roll out to the general public?

The timeline for the introduction of these updates to the general public remains unclear. WhatsApp continues to test and refine these features before a widespread release.