AAWireless 2: The Evolution of Wireless Android Auto Adapter


AAWireless 2: The Evolution of Wireless Android Auto Adapter

AAWireless 2: A Hardware Revamp for Enhanced Performance

At CES 2024, we got an early glimpse of AAWireless 2, the successor to the original Android Auto adapter. Unlike its predecessors, AAWireless 2 boasts a sleek design with a significantly smaller footprint and curved sides. This hardware revamp not only enhances aesthetics but also provides practical benefits, especially for those mounting the device within view.

Slimmer and More Flexible

The first notable change in AAWireless 2 is its reduced size, making it considerably narrower than the original model. The device's USB-C port, connecting to your car, now features a non-fixed cable, offering increased flexibility in choosing the device's placement. These improvements cater to users who prioritize a polished look or have specific mounting requirements, such as when the USB port is below infotainment controls.

Introducing a Multifunction Button

One significant addition to AAWireless 2 is the introduction of a physical button. This multifunction button serves a dual purpose, facilitating entry into pairing mode and enabling seamless switching between connected devices. This addresses a previous pain point and aligns AAWireless 2 with competing adapters like Carsifi. This strategic enhancement enhances user experience, especially in shared vehicles.

Under-the-Hood Changes

While the external changes are prominent, AAWireless 2 also undergoes subtle under-the-hood modifications. The device retains its compactness, with minimal alterations to internal components. AAWireless 2 will feature a different processor, ensuring consistent performance levels. The company assures users that the device's features, accessible through the AAWireless app on Android phones, will remain unchanged.

AAWireless 2 is expected to support CarPlay in beta, maintaining compatibility with Android Auto. Despite the hardware upgrades, the core functionality of the original model persists. The device is slated for release later this year, offering an advanced alternative to the existing model, still available at $69.99 with ongoing updates.

Q&A Section

Q1: How does AAWireless 2 differ from the original model?

A1: AAWireless 2 introduces a sleeker design with a smaller footprint, non-fixed USB-C cable, and a multifunction button for improved usability. Internal changes, including a new processor, aim to maintain consistent performance.

Q2: What benefits does the multifunction button bring to AAWireless 2?

A2: The multifunction button facilitates easy entry into pairing mode and seamless switching between connected devices, addressing a previous pain point and enhancing the user experience, particularly in shared vehicles.

Q3: Is the original AAWireless model still a viable option?

A3: Yes, the original AAWireless model remains available at $69.99, with ongoing updates. AAWireless 2, set for release later this year, offers enhanced features and design for users seeking an advanced wireless Android Auto adapter.

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