Amazfit Unveils Its Smart Ring, Helio, at CES 2024



Amazfit Unveils Its Smart Ring, Helio, at CES 2024


Amazfit, a prominent player in the wearable tech industry, has revealed its first smart ring, named Helio, during the CES 2024 exhibition. The company claims that this ring monitors comprehensive data related to the user's mental and physical well-being with unprecedented accuracy, achievable only through a wearable device on the finger.

The Evolution of Smart Rings

The smart ring sector is gradually emerging, thanks to brands such as Oura, Circular, Go2sleep, Ultrahuman, Rogbid, and many others. Rumors suggest that Samsung is also developing its smart ring, anticipated to debut at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.

Helio's Unique Features

Amazfit asserts that its Helio smart ring boasts numerous features compared to other smart rings in the market. Crafted with a titanium alloy structure, the Helio is durable, lightweight, comfortable to wear, weighing just under 4 grams.

Detailed Tracking Capabilities

The smart ring provides detailed sleep tracking and sports recovery statistics. It is waterproof up to 100 meters (10 ATM), making it suitable for underwater use. Designed specifically for athletes seeking maximum control over recovery, analysis, and guidance, it comes equipped with common health sensors, including a heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation, pressure, and sleep tracker.

PeakBeat Algorithm and Activity Sensor

The ring monitors readiness, assessing sleep quality and physical stress to alert the user if limits are exceeded. Utilizing the PeakBeat algorithm, it offers insights such as maximum oxygen consumption, training loads, and training effects, supporting various exercise patterns and sports.

Amazfit has also integrated a built-in sensor for electrical activity measurement, gauging high levels of stress through perspiration on the hands.

Integration with Amazfit Smartwatches

The Helio smart ring can be used in conjunction with Amazfit smartwatches, expanding its functionality by integrating data from both wearable devices to provide more insights.

Battery Life and Zepp Aura Subscription

While Amazfit has not disclosed the size of Helio's battery, preliminary tests suggest a battery life of up to five days on a single charge. Additionally, the smart ring offers a subscription service supported by artificial intelligence called Zepp Aura. Priced at $70, this service focuses on comfort and well-being, providing ambient sounds during sleep, weekly and monthly sleep reports, and a chatbot for health-related queries.

Q&A Section

Q1: How does Helio stand out from other smart rings in the market?

Helio distinguishes itself through a titanium alloy structure, comprehensive health tracking capabilities, and integration with Amazfit smartwatches for enhanced functionality.

Q2: What makes Zepp Aura subscription unique?

Zepp Aura offers a range of features, including ambient sounds for sleep, detailed sleep reports, and an AI-powered chatbot, making it a comprehensive well-being service.

Q3: Can Helio be used independently without an Amazfit smartwatch?

Yes, Helio can function independently, but its capabilities can be expanded when used in conjunction with Amazfit smartwatches.

Discover Amazfit's latest innovation, the Helio smart ring, offering unparalleled health tracking features and integration with Amazfit smartwatches. Explore its unique design, detailed tracking capabilities, and the subscription service Zepp Aura, enhancing your well-being.