Apple's Vision Pro Faces Strong Demand for Mixed Reality Glasses


Apple's Vision Pro Faces Strong Demand for Mixed Reality Glasses

Initial Estimates and Sales Surge

Preliminary estimates suggest that Apple is experiencing robust demand for its new mixed reality glasses, "Vision Pro," since the commencement of its initial reservations in the United States a few days ago. Ming-Chi Kuo, a specialized analyst in the affairs of the American company, indicates that Apple managed to sell a substantial quantity of Vision Pro glasses, ranging between 160,000 and 180,000 units, before announcing through its official store the depletion of available stock with a shipping duration ranging between 5 and 7 weeks.

While initial reservation requests are high, expectations point towards a decline in demand after the glasses reach early adopters. Notably, estimated shipping times did not change in the two days following the initial reservation release – a phenomenon uncommon for other Appledevices like iPhones, where demand typically continues to grow gradually with an increasing shipping duration.

In general, it is anticipated that Apple will sell around 500,000 units of the Vision Pro glasses in the year 2024.

Global Expansion and Market Expectations

Apple is set to officially launch the Vision Pro glasses in the United States in early February. Reports suggest Apple's intention to expand the availability of the glasses globally in several other markets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and India, during the first half of the current year.

Sales forecasts indicate that Apple's Vision Pro glasses are expected to surpass all comparable devices relying on augmented and virtual reality technologies, including Meta Quest glasses. Observers note that Apple remains cautious about its customers' response to the new product, especially given its high price starting from $3,500, in addition to elevated repair costs in case of damage.


In conclusion, the anticipation surrounding Apple's Vision Pro glasses indicates a strong market demand, with initial sales figures exceeding expectations. As Apple continues to navigate the challenges associated with a new product release, the global expansion strategy suggests confidence in the long-term success of the Vision Pro glasses.

Q&A Section

Q1: What distinguishes Apple's Vision Pro from other mixed reality glasses?

A1: Apple's Vision Pro stands out with its advanced technology, seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem, and a focus on user experience, setting it apart from other mixed reality glasses in the market.

Q2: How does Apple plan to address potential customer concerns about the high price of the Vision Pro glasses?

A2: Apple aims to justify the high price through cutting-edge technology, superior build quality, and an unparalleled mixed reality experience, offering value that justifies the premium cost.

Q3: What challenges might Apple face in the global expansion of the Vision Pro glasses?

A3: Apple could encounter regulatory hurdles, varying market preferences, and competition from established players in the mixed reality space as it expands the availability of Vision Pro glasses globally.

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