Apple's "Vision Pro" Mixed Reality Glasses Secure Impressive Initial Sales


Apple's "Vision Pro" Mixed Reality Glasses Secure Impressive Initial Sales

Apple has successfully sold approximately 200,000 units of its new mixed reality glasses, "Vision Pro," during the initial reservation period, according to a recent report from MacRumors citing informed sources within the company.

The tech giant opened the pre-order window for the glasses on January 19th, exclusively for its customers in the United States. Previous reports from last week suggested that initial reservation requests ranged from 160,000 to 180,000 units, indicating a slight decline in demand in the subsequent days.

Media outlets are expected to start publishing reviews of the glasses starting today, which could potentially boost sales in the coming days. Apple is set to release the glasses for sale in stores on February 2nd.

Estimates suggest that demand for the Vision Pro glasses may decrease rapidly due to its limited market, given that the starting price is $3,500, placing it outside the budget of many consumers. Earlier reports indicated that Apple anticipated limited sales due to the high price and manufacturing challenges.

The cost of the glasses increases with larger storage capacities or the purchase of additional accessories such as vision correction lenses from Zeiss. Apple plans to produce approximately half a million units of the glasses, making them available in the American market and possibly some other limited markets during the current year, 2024.