ASUS ExpertCenter PN65: A Compact Powerhouse in the World of Mini PCs



ASUS ExpertCenter PN65: A Compact Powerhouse in the World of Mini PCs


ASUS has recently unveiled its latest compact-sized computer, the ExpertCenter PN65, aiming to make a mark in the small-form-factor computer market. Positioned alongside the gaming-focused ROG NUC systems, this release showcases ASUS's strong focus on diverse computing needs.

Key Features

Processing Power and Graphics

The ExpertCenter PN65 offers users a choice between Intel Core Ultra 5 125H and Core Ultra 7 155H processors, both belonging to the Meteor Lake family and featuring Intel Arc integrated graphics. The Core Ultra 7 variant boasts additional cores in both the CPU and GPU, higher frequencies, and expanded cache capacity.

Memory and Storage

Equipped with dual-channel DDR5 RAM with a capacity of up to 48 gigabytes and support for PCIe M.2 2280 Gen4 x4 dual storage, the ExpertCenter PN65 ensures efficient multitasking and fast data access.

Compact Design and Connectivity

With dimensions of just 120mm x 130mm x 58mm, the device not only saves space but also delivers robust specifications. ASUS has thoughtfully provided USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and Type-A ports, USB 2.0 Type-A, HDMI, and a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port. It also features a unique, configurable port adaptable to HDMI, DisplayPort 1.4, VGA, or RS-232 COM.

Networking and Cooling

The device supports WiFi 6 across all models, with some regions having options for WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 models. Its simplified management includes a boot status indicator, tool-free SSD and HDD installation, and a self-cleaning dust-resistant system. The ASUS cooling system maintains optimal temperatures for seamless performance.

Display and Enhanced Management

Supporting up to 4K resolution on four screens, the PN65 ensures a vivid visual experience. ASUS enhances user experience with features like AI-driven noise cancellation, fan control, and bandwidth management through MyASUS.

ASUS's CES 2024 Innovations

At CES 2024, ASUS showcased a range of innovative products, including the Zenbook Duo, a dual-screen OLED laptop with a detachable keyboard, and the ZenScreen Fold OLED, a foldable portable monitor. Additionally, ASUS introduced a new lineup of small-sized NUC computers, following its acquisition of Intel's NUC business.

Q&A Section

Q1: What sets the ExpertCenter PN65 apart from other mini PCs in the market?

A: The ExpertCenter PN65 stands out with its powerful Intel Core Ultra processors, dual-channel DDR5 RAM, and versatile connectivity options, making it a compact powerhouse for various computing needs.

Q2: How does ASUS ensure efficient cooling in such a small form factor?

A: ASUS employs a sophisticated cooling system in the PN65, maintaining ideal temperatures for optimal performance. The self-cleaning dust-resistant design further ensures longevity.

Q3: Are there any specific applications where the ExpertCenter PN65 excels?

A: Yes, the PN65 is versatile, catering to a range of applications due to its robust processing power, graphics capabilities, and enhanced management features.

Explore the ASUS ExpertCenter PN65, a compact computing marvel with powerful Intel processors, versatile connectivity, and innovative features. Unveiling ASUS's commitment to diverse computing needs at CES 2024.