Creating Stickers from Photos in iPadOS 17



Creating Stickers from Photos in iPadOS 17


Apple continues to enhance the iPadOS operating system with various features, and one standout feature in iPadOS 17 is the ability to create stickers from stored photos. This feature allows users to add a personal touch to their messages in various messaging apps, as well as in the Notes app and email.

How to Create Stickers in iPadOS 17

To convert any stored photo into a sticker on your iPad, open the Photos app, and follow these steps:

1. Select the Photo

Click on the photo you want to turn into a sticker. Press on the main element in the photo briefly—do not press and hold, just a short tap.

2. Add Sticker

A menu of options will appear above the selected element. Click on the "Add Sticker" option, and the chosen element will automatically be added to your sticker library.

Editing Stickers

Once you've stored one or more stickers in your library, a sticker panel will display all available stickers. Here, you can edit the stickers:

1. Rearrange Stickers

If you click on "Rearrange," you can press and drag stickers to rearrange them on the sticker panel.

2. Add Effects

By clicking on "Add Effect," you can choose from built-in effects to apply to the selected sticker. Several effects will appear at the bottom of the sticker; click on the desired effect, and the modified sticker will be saved automatically.

3. Delete Stickers

Clicking on "Delete" will remove the selected sticker from the sticker library.

Using Stickers in Apps

In the same sticker panel, move to the top right corner, and click on "Edit." On the new page, you can choose the apps where you want to use the stickers and disable apps where you don't want your photo stickers to appear. Click "Done" to return to the sticker panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I rearrange the order of stickers?

Yes, you can rearrange stickers by clicking on "Rearrange" and dragging them to your preferred order.

Q2: How can I apply effects to stickers?

Click on "Add Effect," choose an effect from the options, and the modified sticker will be saved automatically.

Q3: Can I choose where to use my stickers?

Yes, in the sticker panel, click on "Edit," choose the desired apps, and click "Done" to apply the changes.

Learn how to create personalized stickers from your photos in iPadOS 17. Follow our detailed guide to enhance your messaging experience and add a creative touch to your digital communication.