Google Introduces Artificial Intelligence for Retailers


Google Introduces Artificial Intelligence for Retailers

Google has unveiled several new tools for retailers utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance online shopping experiences and other retail operations. The new product suite includes the Conversational Commerce Solution, featuring AI-powered chatbots that retailers can integrate into websites and mobile applications.

Virtual agents engage in natural language conversations with shoppers, providing product suggestions based on individual preferences. These advanced language models, such as PaLM, are customizable using retail data like product lists and website information.

Google stated, "In just one year, generative artificial intelligence has evolved from a scarcely known concept to one of the rapidly advancing capabilities in technology, becoming an integral part of many retailers' agendas."

In addition, Google announced a new set of menu and content enrichment tools leveraging generative AI models to automatically create product descriptions and classification suggestions from a single product image. Retailers can also generate new product images from existing ones or use product descriptions as a basis for AI-generated images.

Google's offerings showcase the increasing impact of generative AI in the retail industry. Amazon introduced its AI tool for sellers in September, and the recent shopping season witnessed the implicit integration of advanced technology by numerous retailers.

The language model-based feature, enhancing the quality of product searches, is part of Google's recently unveiled suite. The company added that the feature is currently available for selected stores, with broader availability later this year.

The newly revealed AI products also include tools to improve customer service systems for retailers and expedite product indexing processes. Traditional stores can also gain new AI capabilities through Distributed Cloud Edge, a self-managed device set to reduce IT costs and resource investments in generative AI for retail.

This announcement comes just days before the start of the National Retail Federation's annual conference in New York City. Google's cutting-edge AI tools are poised to shape the future of retail, marking a significant stride in the integration of artificial intelligence into the retail landscape.