In 2024, Embracing a Focused Gaming Experience on Consoles


In 2024, Embracing a Focused Gaming Experience on Consoles

My Journey into PC Gaming

In 2016, I ventured into PC gaming with Valve's Steam Machine, experiencing the vast Steam library and superior performance. Transitioning to a Dell PC and eventually building my own computer, I abandoned my Xbox One and most of my PS4 games, favoring the PC for its better gaming experience. However, as 2024 unfolds, I contemplate a shift back to my PS5, Switch, and other consoles.

Rediscovering Focus Through Music

As a musician, I embraced digital audio workstations but found myself distracted by the internet's endless possibilities. Shifting to physical instruments, I discovered the value of focused, distraction-free experiences. This realization sparked a similar desire for closeness in gaming, leading me to reconsider the benefits of console gaming over PC.

Breaking Free from Performance Obsession

In the gaming world, the constant pursuit of "bigger, better, faster now" has become the norm. Consoles, too, have succumbed to this trend. However, my PS5 experience, akin to owning a car, made me appreciate the advantages of disconnecting from the internet's distractions. By prioritizing gaming over endless performance optimization, I aim to recenter the experience as direct and focused.

Trading Keyboard for Controller

While I won't abandon PC gaming entirely, my resolution for 2024 involves turning to my PlayStation first for gaming. The choice is not about chasing the ultimate gaming platform but about embracing a separate, dedicated machine for a more immersive and focused gaming experience. Like my synthesizers, gaming deserves to be a distinct, intentional pursuit.

Q&A Section

Q1: Are you completely abandoning PC gaming?

No, I will still use my Windows 11 machine for specific games and emulation, and as part of my job, staying connected to the world of PC gaming is essential.

Q2: What prompted this shift to console gaming in 2024?

The inspiration came from my experience with music and realizing the value of focused, distraction-free engagement, which I aim to replicate in gaming.

Q3: How do you perceive the balance between console and PC gaming?

In 2024, I'm prioritizing consoles for gaming, appreciating the unique and immersive experience they offer, but I won't completely let go of PC gaming.

Explore the shift from PC to console gaming in 2024, driven by a desire for a more focused, distraction-free gaming experience. Discover the reasons behind the transition and the quest for intentional gaming in the midst of technology's constant push for more.