In 2024, how can I delete my Instagram chat on both sides?



In 2024, how can I delete my Instagram chat on both sides?

Enable Filter for Instagram Message

To delete Instagram chat messages from both sides, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right.
  3. Click on the hamburger icon, select Settings, and choose Accounts.
  4. Scroll down and switch to Professional Accounts.
  5. Tap Continue and Done.
  6. Choose either "Creator" or "Business" and tap Next.
  7. Tap "Cross" on the prompted screen.

Now, navigate to your home page, click on the message (DM) icon, and locate the three-dot option. If you have more than 100 conversations, select all and click "Delete." Confirm the deletion to clear all DMs.

How to Clear Chats on Instagram

To clear individual chats:

  1. Go to the Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to the message.
  3. Press and hold the message.
  4. Click "Unsend" from the options.

Repeat these steps for other messages as needed.

What Happens If You Remove a Message on Instagram?

When you unsend a message on Instagram:

  • The recipient is not alerted.
  • Even if you block someone, the messages with them remain.
  • It won't notify viewers when a message is unsent.
  • PC users may receive a notification, but the content remains private.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you delete messages on Instagram in 2024?

  1. Open Instagram and click the messages icon.
  2. Tap the list icon in the corner.
  3. Select chats and tap "Erase" in the bottom-right corner.

Does vanish mode delete messages on both sides?

Yes, in Vanish mode, messages are deleted from both sides' inboxes once viewed. Exit the chat, and the messages will disappear upon reopening.

What is vanish mode on Instagram?

Vanish mode lets users send disappearing texts, images, and videos in a conversation. The content vanishes when someone exits vanish mode or the conversation.

Final Verdict

This guide provides insights into deleting messages on Instagram and using the unsending feature. The process is made easier through tools like Glassagram, allowing efficient management of your Instagram conversations.

Learn how to delete Instagram chat messages from both sides effortlessly in 2024. Clear individual messages, understand the effects of unsending, and get answers to frequently asked questions. Trust the expert insights from Ammad Ali, CEO of RankingGrow.