NVIDIA Expands Presence in Chinese Electric Vehicle Sector


NVIDIA Expands Presence in Chinese Electric Vehicle Sector

NVIDIA, the American chipmaker, has announced its expansion in the Chinese electric vehicle market, collaborating with four Chinese electric car brands that utilize its technology for autonomous driving systems. This move reflects NVIDIA's commitment to expanding its presence in China, irrespective of stringent U.S. export regulations.

Chinese automakers Li Auto, Great Wall, Zeekr, and Xiaomi leverage NVIDIA's DRIVE platform to power their autonomous driving capabilities. The automotive industry is increasingly adopting centralized computing for autonomous and self-driving capabilities, with NVIDIA's DRIVE Orin positioned as the preferred AI-backed in-car computer for smart fleets.

The DRIVE Thor, the next-generation AI-powered in-car computer, integrates a wide range of intelligent functions, offering self-driving capabilities, parking assistance, driver and passenger monitoring, and AI-supported dashboard features. Emerging Chinese electric vehicle brands are a key market for NVIDIA's automotive technology.

Competition among Chinese automakers to introduce advanced infotainment screens and autonomous driving features has created growth opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers like NVIDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, and others. NVIDIA, however, faces challenges in meeting the strong demand from Chinese customers for powerful chips while complying with strict U.S. export controls on advanced semiconductor exports to China.

The DRIVE Orin platform boasts a processing capability of 254 trillion operations per second and is scalable to support Level 5 autonomous driving capabilities. Li Auto utilizes DRIVE Orin to provide full-scenario autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems, automated lane-changing control, automated parking, and automatic emergency braking.

Great Wall uses DRIVE Orin for its Coffee Pilot advanced smart driving system, supporting automated parking, full-scenario intelligent navigation, and assistance features without relying on high-definition maps. Zeekr has launched its Luxury car, featuring DRIVE Orin, equipped with a new integrated smart driving system for automatic parking and autonomous operation on highways and in urban areas.

Xiaomi incorporates DRIVE Orin in its electric vehicle SU7 to offer driving functions on highways. NVIDIA's strategic collaborations with these Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers highlight the company's role in advancing the capabilities and AI performance of the next generation of in-car computers for future roadmaps.