Pixel Watch Owners Rejoice as Google Rolls Out Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Mode Sync


Pixel Watch Owners Rejoice as Google Rolls Out Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Mode Sync

In its latest December Feature Drop, Google has delivered on its promise to equip the original Pixel Watch with three key features from the Pixel Watch 2. Pixel Watch owners can now enjoy the synchronization of Do Not Disturb (DND) and Bedtime Mode between their watches and phones.

Despite the initial announcement in early December, users are just beginning to witness the rollout of this highly anticipated feature. To activate the sync functionality, users need to navigate to the Pixel Watch companion app and explore the new "Do Not Disturb & Bedtime" section, positioned after the list of app alert toggles.

The default setting for this feature is "Sync across watch and phone," ensuring that when the watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Bedtime modes seamlessly synchronize between the two devices. Notably, this addition, initially exclusive to the Pixel Watch 2, is a server-side implementation, prompting Google to carefully monitor the rollout into the new year.

This development follows Google's earlier introduction of six Pixel Watch 2 faces to the original model in mid-November, along with updated complication styles like arcs and redesigned bulbs. It appears that this pattern of enhancing the original Pixel Watch with features from its successor will continue in future updates.

While these advancements are welcomed by Pixel Watch users, some issues persist, such as the At a Glance complication still missing the day/date. However, it's worth noting that the Gboard update bug, which was identified last year, has been successfully addressed.

As Pixel Watch owners continue to explore these new features and improvements, Google seems committed to providing a seamless and enhanced user experience, solidifying its position in the smartwatch market.

For more Pixel Watch updates and tips, users can refer to 9to5Google and stay tuned for further developments in the evolving landscape of smartwatches.