Windows 11 Modified and Optimized 2024



Windows 11 Modified and Optimized 2024


GorillaOS presents a modified and optimized version of Windows 11 for 2024, exclusively designed for computer enthusiasts. In response to Microsoft's stringent requirements for Windows 11 installations, several user-friendly modifications have been introduced to bypass these prerequisites. This article explores the features and enhancements of GorillaOS, emphasizing its aesthetic appeal, compact size, and superior performance on both robust and older hardware.

Key Features

1. Enhanced Visual Design

GorillaOS boasts a visually stunning interface that captivates users. Its compact size contributes to faster performance, ensuring stability even on less powerful devices.

2. Based on Windows 11 Pro 21H2

The foundation of GorillaOS lies in Windows 11 Pro, the final version of 21H2. Unnecessary tools and unused programs have been meticulously removed to optimize the system's performance.

3. Deletions for Improved Performance

GorillaOS eliminates redundant tools and non-essential programs known to impact Windows performance negatively. A comprehensive list of removed features is available in the version details below.

Version Details

  • OS Build: Windows 11 x64 23H2 Build: 22631.3007
  • Compression: esd
  • Language: En-US
  • Size: 1.6GB
  • Author: Jerry_Xristos @ PasMater

Removed Features

GorillaOS eliminates various features to enhance system performance. Notable removals include the First Logon Animation, Snipping Tool, Speech Recognition, and several others. A detailed list is provided at the end of this article.

Download Information

Download Windows

GorillaOS is available for download with a size of 1.6GB. Users can download it directly or through a torrent link provided in the attachments.

User Testimonials

Members from the community have praised GorillaOS for its efficiency. User  and "HIMA_SOFT" express their appreciation for the modifications made to Windows 11.


GorillaOS stands as a testament to the continuous efforts of the modification community to provide users with an optimized Windows experience. Its combination of visual appeal, reduced size, and enhanced performance make it a compelling choice for both advanced users and those with older hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is GorillaOS compatible with older PCs and laptops?

Yes, GorillaOS is specifically designed for older PCs and laptops, ensuring optimal performance on aging hardware.

Q2: Can I add languages other than English after installation?

Absolutely, GorillaOS supports additional languages, allowing users to add languages of their choice after the installation process.

Q3: How can I change the keyboard language to Arabic?

For users looking to switch to Arabic keyboard language, detailed instructions on language addition and configuration can be found in the system settings.