Xgimi Horizon Max: A Breakthrough in Home Entertainment


Xgimi Horizon Max: A Breakthrough in Home Entertainment


Xgimi, a leading technology company, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Horizon Max, the world's first long-range smart projector certified by IMAX Enhanced. This groundbreaking device promises to revolutionize home entertainment by bringing IMAX-quality visuals and distinctive sound experiences directly to households.

IMAX Certification and Superior Features

The IMAX certification ensures a brightness output of 3100 lumens ISO and aspect ratios of 1.44:1 or 1.9:1, providing crystal-clear images with enhanced clarity. Xgimi emphasizes that the Horizon Max aims to redefine home entertainment, delivering a cinematic experience previously reserved for advanced projection systems.

Innovative Technologies

The Horizon Max introduces two new technologies for the first time – Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0. ISA 5.0 enhances the three-dimensional ToF sensor to optimize projection positioning on walls, preserving settings based on the displayed surface. Dual Light 2.0 utilizes dual light sources to improve image quality, especially in bright environments.

Advanced Projection and Audio

Employing triple-laser technology, the projector achieves an extended color range and phosphor light to eliminate imperfections. Featuring an optical engine with MCL laser rays, typically found in commercial theaters, the Horizon Max provides a cinematic viewing experience. Its design blends seamlessly with any home, featuring a traditional look with wood-like panels.

Future Developments

Xgimi has announced that ISA 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0 will be integrated into more products in 2024, further enhancing their lineup.

Aladdin: A Blend of Functionality and Design

Xgimi has also revealed Aladdin, a unique product combining a ceiling lamp and an advanced projector with integrated speakers. Disguised as a regular ceiling lamp, Aladdin conceals the projector almost entirely. It delivers a 1920x1080 pixel image, reaching up to 100 inches directly from the ceiling, preventing direct light exposure. The integrated Harman Kardon speakers offer 360-degree sound, usable even when the projector lamp is off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When will the Horizon Max be available for purchase?

A: Xgimi has not provided specific release dates, but stay tuned for announcements in 2024.

Q2: Can I control Aladdin's lamp and projector functions separately?

A: Yes, both the lamp and projector functions can be controlled either through the included remote or the Xgimi app.

Q3: Are there any plans for expanding the use of ISA 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0 in other Xgimi products?

A: Yes, Xgimi has confirmed that these technologies will be integrated into more products within their lineup in 2024.


Xgimi's Horizon Max and Aladdin represent a significant leap in home entertainment technology. With IMAX certification, innovative features, and a commitment to delivering cinematic experiences, Xgimi continues to redefine the standards for home projectors.

Explore Xgimi's latest innovations with the Horizon Max smart projector, offering IMAX-quality visuals and groundbreaking technologies. Discover the Aladdin, a unique blend of a ceiling lamp and an advanced projector. Stay tuned for more technological advancements in 2024.