Zyhongyi Optics Introduces Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95



Zyhongyi Optics Introduces Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95

Zyhongyi Optics Introduces Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95: A Versatile Wide-Aperture Lens for Mirrorless Cameras

Zyhongyi Optics has recently unveiled the Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95, a manual focus prime lens designed for APS-C Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. This new lens caters to the needs of interior, landscape, and architectural photographers, as well as videographers, offering a versatile, affordable, and lightweight solution.

The lens, priced at $430/£330/AU$655 and already available in Japan, boasts an impressive f/0.95 aperture, making it ideal for low-light conditions and enabling clear, noise-free images even at high ISO sensitivities or fast shutter speeds. Its optical construction includes 13 elements in 8 groups, featuring 1 aspherical lens, 1 ED lens, and 4 ultra-high refractive index lenses to minimize flare and distortion.

With a 9-bladed aperture, the Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95 produces a smooth, rounded bokeh when shooting wide open. The lens's minimum shooting distance of 0.3m allows photographers to create dynamic and eye-catching shots by manipulating the size of nearby and distant objects.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the lens exhibits a rugged build, with a textured barrel for enhanced grip. Despite being pricier than the Viltrox AF 20mm f/2.8 for full-frame Sony cameras, which costs $160/£125/AU$245, the Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95 stands out with its superior build and faster performance, although it lacks autofocus.

While a full review is pending, the lens's appeal lies in its ability to offer fast shooting at an affordable price, particularly for Canon RF, Nikon Z, Fujifilm X, and Sony E mount users. Photographers seeking an affordable, wide-angle lens with impressive capabilities are likely to be drawn to the Speedmaster 20mm f/0.95.

In conclusion, Zyhongyi Optics has introduced a noteworthy lens that combines affordability, versatility, and superior optics, making it an attractive option for photographers and videographers alike in search of a high-performing wide-aperture lens.