Alternative applications for Facebook Messenger



Four alternative Facebook Messenger apps you'll be addicted to, and I bet you don't know some of them!

Four alternative Facebook Messenger apps you'll be addicted to, and I bet you don't know some of them!

Over the past few years, Facebook's instant messaging app has become "Messenger".One of the most used social chatting applications in terms of the number of active users per month compared to all other messaging applications, Messenger provides users with more new features through updates that the company offers to the application from time to time, through the platform you can share messages, pictures, videos, stories and GIFs And stickers with the party you communicate with and so on and other wonderful functions, a nice feature provided by Messenger, which is playing games online over the Internet with your friends on Facebook, and despite all these great features that we mentioned, but the application as other applications are not without aspects The negativity that somewhat affects its impressive success, many users complain about the shortage of their phone's battery life during the normal cycle in accessing the application, in addition to the slowness of the device over time.Etc., this is why some people think of looking for alternatives to this platform, so if you are one of this category, in this new article we will share with you some of the best alternatives to Facebook Messenger, we have compiled them completely until you reach them in one place.

Millions of people use the "Signal" application daily for free online communication. The application allows sending and receiving messages with a high degree of accuracy, making voice and video calls in high definition, in addition to the security point related to the "end to end" encryption. Some of the advanced technologies it has to make the privacy of your conversations very safe, as well as the screen security feature that allows to block applications and prevent you from taking screenshots of your conversations with the application.

One of the best instant messaging applications available for Android and iPhone at the present time, it is characterized by "end-to-end" encryption on the level of all forms of communication performed, the application is specifically intended to facilitate chatting between business personnel , but there is no objection to using it for chatting for individuals as well.     

The application allows you and your team to communicate well and share information quickly and securely, and it also includes some of the main features of instant messaging applications such as file sharing, conference calls, private conversations, etc.

If you are looking for an encrypted chat app for commercial purposes, then you need to try Mattermost, which enables you to discuss important topics in private, individual or group groups of utmost confidentiality.    

The application also provides options for sending and sharing files, photos, and other features.

Although not very popular, Wickr Me is still one of the best messaging apps that you can use instead of Facebook Messenger.    

According to the app page, Wickr Me provides an advanced chat encryption feature whose content no party can see, even the app cannot access your messages or your contact list.