Windows Last XP 22 USB R.O.N


Windows Last XP 22 USB R.O.N.

NOTE: I downloaded this and decided to install it for the fun of it. I was absolutely floored by the work that

went into this build. It has everything you could possibly want in it PLUS more. It has the early version of

the post installer I use today, and it is FULL of software for Windows XP. The overall build is just amazing.

NOTE: I had NOTHING to do with this build. It was built entirely by RON (Return of Nights), a former member here.

NOTE: Mouse is a little FAST in the initial installer screen

About Windows

Windows XP 32bit

Language: English

Size: 4.41gb

System requirements

Processor: Pentium 4

RAM: 512MB

Disk Space: 5GB for a default install, MORE for post-install programs.

Graphics adapter: Microsoft DirectX 9 Compatible graphics device.

Burn ISO to Flashdrive then boot to said device.


Click on torrent (below) then remember to SEED when downloaded!