Facebook launches a new feature in the Instagram and Messenger application


Facebook launches a new feature in the Instagram and Messenger application

The social networking site Facebook continues to develop its two platforms specialized in social communication, chatting and instant messaging simultaneously and in a parallel manner, and it concerns both Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and they are the two applications that will benefit from a new and distinctive feature.

The new feature is, in fact, and as a number of Facebook features, copied from the social networking application Snapchat, as it comes to the self-deletion feature, and thus both Instagram and Facebook Messenger will benefit from this feature starting today for all these users. The two applications, but only in the United States and some other countries,

As for this new feature, it allows sending self-destructing messages, as it is deleted immediately after the user reads the message, unlike regular messages, and cannot be returned to it after that, and it concerns all types of content, whether it is written texts or pictures and videos. As well as animation.

Also, Facebook indicated that the self-messaging feature respects the privacy of users. Therefore, it will not be possible to use this feature except for users on the Friends List, and it cannot be used by people outside this list, and this feature is used by consensus between the two parties, and in case When the user attempts to do a screen capture, the other user gets a notification