Ghost Win 10 2004 - Autumn Memories 2020 (OS Build 19041.450)



  • Ghost Win 10 2004 is made from the official Win 10 2004 installer (OS Build 19041.450) from MS original.
  • The soft version does not install any software except to enable Net Framwork 3.5 and WinRAR
  • The ghost version has been optimized, tweaked, service, ... before backup
  • After installation you can go to the C: \ Extra folder to use digital activation tools, Windows Update and Defender.
  • Do not personalize any components of Windows.
FilenameSize MD5
Win10x86.FS.Lehait.gho3.7 GBdb54a03d18400228c4d2bf2d0c5612de
Win10x64.FS.Lehait.gho4.7 GB8152ed036def8cdb5af263039386d8cc
Win10.x86.2004.Lehait.iso3.9 GB43d92d71677a41b1a68882af0657d406
Win10.x64.2004.Lehait.iso5.1 GB30abd45cf73d4d0e30892917b920ae45
UEFI Win10x64.FS.Lehait.tib4.5 GBea5b7a4c916cd332e0d0f1245285fd51