SVOD3 Universal Programmer Software



SVOD software engineer adaptation 3 is a widespread developer for different microcircuits. An SVOD3 software engineers can program various types of chips, for example, SPI, I2C, ONE WIRE, NAND, NAND SPI, NOR, EMMC, JTAG, UART, ENE, MEC, ITE, NUVOTON, equal simultaneous and offbeat conventions. Programmed location of "awful contact" when associating chips. 

Upheld Devices: 

ENE: KB9010/KB9012/KB9016/KB9022/KB9028 


ITE: ITE8386/8580/8585/8586/8587/8985/8987 

MEC: MEC1609/1619/1632/1633/1641/1650/1651/1653/5035/5045/5055/5045/5075/5085 

Investigate Microelectronics:/021/035/036/037 


– port of association with the PC: USB 2.0 rapid. 

– association of microcircuits: zif 48. 

– Number of information/yield ports: 48. 

– gracefully voltage: 3.3V/1.8V.

SVOD3 Universal Programmer Latest Version Software SVOD3_ver1.0.9.7.rar