The virtual card, why it is used and how to obtain it


 The virtual card, why it is used and how to obtain it

Cards like credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards are seriously affecting the way things are bought now. And even these cards affect the economy, especially as they have become a very important part of the digital world in which we live.

On the other hand, there is a type of bank card which is called (virtual card), and in case you want to know some information on these cards, then I am here to provide you with all the information that you need to know about virtual cards, and I will even talk a little bit about the methods of obtaining on her.

What is the virtual card?

The virtual card, which is issued by a specific entity that provides banking services, and most of the time it is only online, and most of the time the virtual card issuance service is free of charge, and the cardholder can make any online purchase, just like any bank card.

 The virtual card is the invisible version of a debit / credit card. Unlike plastic cards, it does not require any physical representation. All there is to it is that you will only get the card numbers, but you can make any purchase on the Internet, all there is to it is that you do not get the plastic card, and there are a large number of types of virtual cards. 

How does the virtual card work?

There are many sites on the Internet that provide virtual cards service, and also there are some programs that work on the computer and on the phone, and through these programs you can obtain your own virtual card number, and also there are those who think that the virtual cards are the same as fake cards, and this is a mistake.

Benefits of using the virtual card:

1- Safe - so that this temporary number cannot be tracked for card details and thus this virtual card is more secure than plastic.

2- Fast - It was noted that using virtual cards is much faster compared to others and also can be obtained in just minutes, unlike plastic cards, which may take a week.

3- Reliable - Because you will not create the card in any bank, the customer is free from worrying about its damage and loss.

Disadvantages of virtual card:

1- Daily Limit - The virtual card is allocated with a minimum and maximum per transaction per day which is very negative.

2- Valid for a specific period - Virtual credit cards are valid for a specific period of time only, and the validity period is determined by the card issuer only.

3- Only one transaction at a time - Clients can usually only perform one transaction using one virtual card which is very negative.

4- Issued to the primary card holder only - The default card is issued to the primary cardholder only and not to the secondary card holder.

And from my point of view, I see that getting a real card is much better than the virtual card, so if you can get a bank card from a local bank or on the Internet, it is better to do, instead of the virtual card. However, you can resort to the virtual card option in case you are unable to obtain a real card.

The three best sites to get a virtual Visa card and activate it with Paypal with online purchase

 The sites that provide this service over the Internet also differ, as there are those who provide it for free but will not be suitable for activating PayPal, then other sites require payment of an amount that is usually small to obtain it, and I will talk with you in this post to three sites that will help you get a virtual bank account over the Internet.

1-- advcash

 This site offers you this card for only $ 1, and to obtain it you register the account on the site, and after creating it, you will find in the control panel of your account the option to creat card in green,  click on it  , and another interface will open that you click on the crate a virtual card to get it for one dollar, You a Adha get a plastic card until you receive your address but must pay $ 5.   


It is also one of the well-known sites that give you a virtual and realistic Visa card, the real one. then a hypothetical you follow almost the same method, but offers it at a price 3 Dollars And sometimes the price is reduced to one dollar, and on some occasions, it is free, and it is sufficient to register your account on this site by putting the email and password and opening the mail to activate your account, then entering the site and clicking on Request new card ,  then selecting the currency, choosing virtual, then paying an amount $ 3 for the card.

3-- entropay

 It can also be obtained through this premium site, by registering the account and then choosing the amount that you want to charge the card with, and in the end it will withdraw the amount of only one dollar, and it is also valid for activating Paypal and buying online, and charging it at any time.