WinRAR 6.00 x86/x64 Final


 WinRAR 6.00 x86/x64 Final

Winrar is a free application that gives us the possibility to compress and decompress any file in a very easy and convenient way that does not require a long time to do so. The program is perfectly integrated into the right-click menu, so you will be able to create RAR and ZIP files without any problems, just by right-clicking on the file - or group of files - and selecting the 'Add to archive' option. Whatever type of compressed file, you will be able to decompress more than 40 types including: CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, RAR, ZIP or 7Z, you will only need to compress Double click on the icon and the content of the file will appear on the screen, then choose whether to decompress it or play the files without having to decompress them beforehand. In addition, Winrar offers a very good compression ratio above average, which means that the files you will compress using it will be smaller than if they were compressed using another program. Finally, you can also encrypt files with Rinjdael (AES-128) encryption, digital signature or protect them against any modifications. Winrar is probably the best file compression tool out there. The high amount of options, combined with its functionality and ease of use makes it a great program Essential for any user.

English WinRAR and RAR release

Software nameUser interfaceLicenseSize   
WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 6.00Graphical and command lineTrial3024 KB
WinRAR x64 (64 bit) 6.00Graphical and command lineTrial3255 KB
RAR for Android on Google PlayGraphical onlyFree
RAR for Android 6.00 build 96 local copyGraphical onlyFree5418 KB
RAR 6.00 for Linux x86Command line onlyTrial594 KB
RAR 6.00 for Linux x64Command line onlyTrial584 KB
RAR 6.00 for FreeBSD x86Command line onlyTrial545 KB
RAR 6.00 for FreeBSD x64Command line onlyTrial588 KB
RAR 6.00 for macOS (64 bit)Command line onlyTrial576 KB
WinRAR interface themesGraphical onlyFree

Localized WinRAR versions

Arabic (32 bit)5.912996 KB
Arabic (64 bit)5.913207 KB
Armenian (32 bit)6.003071 KB
Armenian (64 bit)6.003301 KB
Azerbaijani (32 bit)5.712908 KB
Azerbaijani (64 bit)5.713113 KB
Belarusian (32 bit)5.712915 KB
Belarusian (64 bit)5.713120 KB
Bulgarian (32 bit)5.913011 KB
Bulgarian (64 bit)5.913222 KB
Burmese (Myanmar) (32 bit)5.712901 KB
Burmese (Myanmar) (64 bit)5.713106 KB
Catalan (32 bit)5.913059 KB
Catalan (64 bit)5.913268 KB
Chinese Simplified (32 bit)6.003145 KB
Chinese Simplified (64 bit)6.003373 KB
Chinese Traditional (32 bit)6.003289 KB
Chinese Traditional (64 bit)6.003516 KB
Croatian (32 bit)6.003072 KB
Croatian (64 bit)6.003303 KB
Czech (32 bit)5.913159 KB
Czech (64 bit)5.913370 KB
Danish (32 bit)6.003067 KB
Danish (64 bit)6.003297 KB
Dutch (32 bit)6.003359 KB
Dutch (64 bit)6.003587 KB
English (32 bit)6.003024 KB
English (64 bit)6.003255 KB
Estonian (32 bit)5.712905 KB
Estonian (64 bit)5.713110 KB
Euskera (32 bit)5.913057 KB
Euskera (64 bit)5.913133 KB
Finnish (32 bit)6.003070 KB
Finnish (64 bit)6.003300 KB
French (32 bit)6.003129 KB
French (64 bit)6.003357 KB
Galician (32 bit)5.913056 KB
Galician (64 bit)5.913132 KB
Georgian (32 bit)5.912988 KB
Georgian (64 bit)5.913198 KB
German (32 bit)6.003160 KB
German (64 bit)6.003401 KB
Greek (32 bit)6.003083 KB
Greek (64 bit)6.003313 KB
Hebrew (32 bit)6.003066 KB
Hebrew (64 bit)6.003295 KB
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Hungarian (64 bit)6.003306 KB
Indonesian (32 bit)6.003070 KB
Indonesian (64 bit)6.003299 KB
Italian (32 bit)5.913146 KB
Italian (64 bit)5.913357 KB
Japanese (32 bit)5.913099 KB
Japanese (64 bit)5.913308 KB
Korean (32 bit)6.003128 KB
Korean (64 bit)6.003359 KB
Lithuanian (32 bit)5.913027 KB
Lithuanian (64 bit)5.913238 KB
Mongolian (32 bit)6.003078 KB
Mongolian (64 bit)6.003308 KB
Norwegian (32 bit)6.003069 KB
Norwegian (64 bit)6.003299 KB
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Romanian (64 bit)6.003303 KB
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Russian (64 bit)6.003470 KB
Serbian Cyrillic (32 bit)6.003119 KB
Serbian Cyrillic (64 bit)6.003475 KB
Slovak (32 bit)5.913083 KB
Slovak (64 bit)5.913292 KB
Slovenian (32 bit)5.912986 KB
Slovenian (64 bit)5.913195 KB
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Spanish (64 bit)5.913265 KB
Spanish Colombian (32 bit)5.913119 KB
Spanish Colombian (64 bit)5.913331 KB
Swedish (32 bit)6.003084 KB
Swedish (64 bit)6.003313 KB
Thai (32 bit)6.003091 KB
Thai (64 bit)6.003325 KB
Turkish (32 bit)6.003069 KB
Turkish (64 bit)6.003298 KB
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Ukrainian (64 bit)6.003303 KB
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Uzbek (64 bit)5.713139 KB
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Vietnamese (64 bit)5.713117 KB