4 cases you should use incognito browsing


 4 cases you should use incognito browsing

Soon all modern browsers come with an important security feature, which is incognito browsing, in this mode users can visit websites anonymously, so that cookies, passwords or anything else are not saved, so if you close the cryptic browser everything is erased.

1. Use an e-mail account or any other account on any site
It is very difficult to use multiple email accounts on one computer, especially if you are using the same service, for example Gmail. Constantly logging out of one account and logging into another is not the best solution.

It is much easier to open the second mail in a separate private tab in stealth mode. This way, you can work simultaneously with both accounts, and receive messages both here and there. It also includes all sites where you have more than one account, such as Facebook, for example.

2. Watch videos on YouTube

Using YouTube in incognito mode allows you to get rid of intrusive suggestions based on the most recent videos you open. For example, if you once released a video about global conspiracy theory, then wait for a set of suggestions from YouTube, such as military secrets, mysterious phenomena ... etc.

In privacy mode, none of the videos you watch will affect the recommendations that YouTube might suggest to you.

3. Use another person's computer
Incognito mode is an indispensable feature when using a browser on another computer. With it, you can hide the sites you visit and the history of downloads, in addition to protecting your personal data when you log in to the sites. Once you close the incognito tabs, all this information will simply disappear.

You should always enable this feature when visiting Internet cafes, libraries, and in educational institutions.

4. Purchase of airline tickets and excursions

Some airlines and travel agents may change prices based on cookies. As these companies rely on files to monitor your browsing on their sites and thus may raise prices based on this information.
 Lately, these manipulations happen infrequently, but in any case, nothing prevents you from checking the cost of the service as usual and comparing it to the current price through incognito browsing.