verify fake reviews of products before shopping


verify fake reviews of products before shopping

An exclusive service to verify fake reviews of products before shopping them in online stores

When we buy a specific product from e-commerce stores, the first step we take is to review written reviews about that product to ensure its reliability and whether it is good and free from defects, and if you are not careful enough, these reviews may deceive you as some are designed just for the buyer. 

They are of high quality and in fact are of poor-quality products, so you may ask what can I do to avoid falling victim to fake reviews, fortunately there is fakespot, which is a service for analyzing the reliability of reviews on Internet stores, and it uses our intelligence algorithms. 

From false reviews, it quickly determines the reliability of reviews of products or not, especially those that receive a greater number of views, in addition to some practices that every customer must perform upon reaching the purchase stage to verify the quality of the product, especially in the reviews section, including verifying the personal photos of the owners Ratings are the people who give the ratingsFake reviews often do not put their real photos

but rather pictures of animals and known personalities, and also check the veracity of the spelling in writing the evaluation as the fake reviews lack this feature, and the owners of fake evaluations also find that they exaggerate the praise of the product greatly

it is highly recommended to rely on A free fake spot service that detects real reviews from fake ones so that you are not taken by the poor quality of products and the fake positive reviews that you may encounter in the ratings section.

All you have to do to verify the authenticity of the products in your favorite shopping stores is to select one of these products, then click on the "Share" option and choose the Fake spot application from the list as in the picture.

Fakespot service will analyze the product and tell you how good it is as found in the reviews section or vice versa.

The app will show you some positive reviews that are verified for making the right decision about the product.

In the overview section, you will get acquainted with the full information about the product, by giving a full review about the product and whether or not it is recommended to buy it.

The application also displays an illustrative chart for entering valuations and changes in the product price after the period

The fakespot service supports all known operating systems, and the application for the service can be downloaded on the Android or iPhone system , and even a special add-on for your Google Chrome browser.

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