Avast Corporation published a report (malware)


Avast published a lengthy report yesterday about a malware called "Crackonosh" that developers were conscious of merging it with cracked versions of games in order to use victims' devices to mine Monero coin
When the victim downloaded the game and uninstalled it, and after a series of advanced steps, the malware was able to disable antivirus programs, stop Windows updates, in addition to some funny steps such as using the Safe Mode feature in Windows to delete Windows Defender and install a similar program in its place, but it does not work The only thing is that the Windows Defender icon appears with the check mark on it.. It means the program is running and your device is protected and all is in order. 
These are the most prominent games that the malware was discovered in their cracked versions:
▪ NBA 2K19 
▪ Grand Theft Auto V 
▪ Far Cry 5 
▪ The Sims 4 Seasons 
▪ Euro Truck Simulator 2 
▪ The Sims 4 
▪ Jurassic World Evolution 
▪ Fallout 4 GOTY 
▪ Call of Cthulhu 
▪ Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
▪ We Happy Few
This Malware infected more than 220 thousand devices and made profits for its developers from mining operations about 2 million dollars

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