application that works when the phone battery reaches less than 5%

 application that works when the phone battery reaches less than 5%

This app must sound strangely familiar to many of you, forcing us to write to new friends when our smartphone battery is about to run out, when you install it on your smartphone, it will allow you to contact unknown people in a situation similar to yours, they have less than 5% battery power, The experience is funny and innovative, with the specific purpose of getting the user to skip the steps of a normal conversation simply because they don't have time to learn much information about others.

For Die With Me to work, you need to start as soon as your smartphone battery drops below 5%. All you have to do is enter a username and sign in to be quickly taken to the chat room and talk to anonymous people. The app has only been downloaded hundreds of times since its launch a few days ago.

We hope, however, that Die With Me will see an increase in popularity in the coming weeks because the experience can be more interesting. Especially for iPhone owners.

Note: The application is paid, but we provide you with a link to download the application for free:

for Android

for iPhone