Do not change these five settings on the iPhone

Do not change these five settings on the iPhone

The Settings app on iPhone and iOS devices is packed with just a few ready-made options. which is awaiting modification. You should adjust these settings to customize your iPhone and make it more convenient for your use.

However, there are some settings that you should leave alone, as messing with them can have major drawbacks. Well, your iPhone won't explode, but fiddling with it could make you tear your hair to find out what's causing the problem.

date and time

Messing around with phone date and time is a quick way to get some trouble connecting to websites. The annoying thing here is that you won't get a message or notification telling you why you're having problems, and you'll end up tearing your hair trying to figure out why.

Settings > General > Date and time. It is the path you should not take

Auto brightness

You should leave this for two reasons.

The first is that it does what it says, with this setting the phone automatically controls the brightness. This means that it will intelligently dim the screen when you're in a dark room, and brighten it up when it's sunny, so you can see the screen.

Keeping this on is also a great battery saver, especially for people who keep their screens at full brightness.

Settings > Accessibility > Display and text size > Auto brightness.

Send as SMS

Remember SMS or so-called SMS? Apple blurred the line between iMessage and SMS years ago, but you have to keep in mind that people still use it, and that if you mess around with that setting, you can no longer send an SMS to anyone.

So, keep playing this.

Settings > Messages > Send as SMS.


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