How do search engines work

How do search engines work

How do search engines work? Features of the top 3 search engines 

A search engine is a computer program designed to facilitate access to information and services over the Internet. It manages files and retrieves information from the database you want to search.

A search site is one of the most important things that any site requires to benefit users in their searches. When doing a search, the results are displayed as a list of document titles related to the word you are looking for, and the search engine arranges the results according to special criteria. Without search engines, websites that are worth a lot of money are useless nowadays, you cannot access certain information without a search engine. Therefore, search engines are a key factor in finding what you are looking for with ease.

How search engines work

In the early days of the Internet, search engines indexed new websites and it was an effective method. But with the rapid development of the Internet, and the desire of institutions and companies to create websites, the number of Internet pages increased, which led to the need for a powerful search engine that indexes sites, and categorizes information from sites all over the world. Therefore, companies are developing their own search engines to keep pace with the rapid development of the Internet.


At this point, search engines crawl through all the pages of the site or blog to gather information about the content you provide, and to know the type and quality of the published content.


At this point, all the data on your site is stored on the search engine's database.

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The search engine arranges the appearance of results according to their importance and their relevance to the researcher's question, but there is now a search engine optimization ( SEO ) service to manipulate the ranking of results ( Page Ranking ).

Types of search engines
Search engines are divided into:

global search engines

It searches for information on the Internet and returns various results from different pages around the world, known as web engines, the most famous of which is Google.

internal search engines

It is small in scope, such as a company or organization, where the search is within the local network, and the search process is by the company's database only.

Medium range search engines
Which is linked to more than one site so that you can search for the information you want through these sites or website directories, the most famous of which is ( ).

top 3 search engines

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Larry Page and Sergey Brian are the founders of Google, which was their university project, which was then called ( BackRub ) and then the idea developed to become his name " Google" .

Do you know what the name “Google” means?
The name means a number one followed by a hundred zeros, because they believe that information is endless. Google Inc. was sold to a company " of Excite" , but in the end , the company dropped  " of Excite " for their unwillingness to do so. In the Google search engine, there is a thing called “ Doodles”,  which means graphics, which started in 1999 AD.

The idea of “ Doodles ” began on the occasion of “ Burning Man” which brought together all the members of Google. Currently, there are more than 1,000 websites dedicated to the idea of “ Doodles” . In 2000, Google became the number one search engine in the world. Google currently has more than (70) offices in (40) global countries around the world. (14%) of Google employees do not have university degrees, as Google believes in work experience and not university degrees.

Google Translator can " Google Tags Translations" translation of texts into more than 80 different languages. In 2006, the Oxford Dictionary recognized the word Google. If you are a Google employee and you die, the company is keen to spend 50% of your basic salary to your family for a period of (10) years, and your children will spend (1,000) dollars per month until they reach 19 years.

Google was able to buy YouTube for $1.8 billion just 18 months after its launch, which is the second largest search engine in the world. Google has scanned ( electronic copies) of all books in the world that do not have electronic copies. Google has a “ My Activities page”  for each user, and through it they can see all the searches you make.

In 2013, Google services were down for five minutes, which led to a drop in searches by 40% during these five minutes. Google launched Gmail in 2004 for the first time. According to Alexa , Google is the most widely used website, even more than Facebook. In 2010, Google began acquiring other companies in order to develop its skills and expand the scope of its work. There is a site called “” , which was released by Google itself.

It is a Microsoft search engine that offers a variety of search tools. The splash page is colorful and unique, plus it contains links to Microsoft. You can also customize the search process from maps, news, photos, videos and more, as it provides you with links and results more relevant to what you are looking for. You can also log in to the “ Hotmail ” account directly.

3. Duck Duck Go
It maintains the privacy of the researcher and does not record any private data about you like Google. You can only do these tricks on the “ Duck Duck Go ” search engine.

It enables you to search the “ Duck Duck Go ” engine directly, you can access YouTube by “ Duck Duck Go ”. For example: If you are looking for programming courses on YouTube, you can use the “ Bangs  ” service to access YouTube directly. Just type ( yt Programming! ) into the “ Duck Duck Go” search engine, it will take you straight to YouTube.

Get shortcuts to programs and operating systems:
By typing “ program name + Cheatsheat ,” then the “ Duck Duck Go”  search engine will display all the program’s shortcuts.

Check the status of any site, is it working or not?
By typing ( is + site name + down ), the browser displays the status of the site you are looking for, whether it is working or not.

Get the color code:
This is an especially important feature for web programmers. When you type “ Color Codes”  in the search box, all colors appear with their respective code.

Get HTML codes for special characters:
When you type “HTML Chars” in the search box, the icon and its HTML code appear.

Find out about alternative programs:
Example: If you are looking for alternative programs for Photoshop, you can type “ Alternative to Photoshop ” in the search box, and the browser will display all alternative programs for Photoshop.

There are a lot of diverse search engines online but according to Alexa , Google is the most widely used website even more than Facebook. One of the disadvantages of Google is the violation of privacy, as Google uses your data, tracks your searches, and on this basis suggests ads that may interest you. Some people may prefer this feature to facilitate the search process, and others may prefer to maintain privacy and use search engines other than Google.