Tricks to make your iPhone run faster


Tricks to make your iPhone run faster

Dealing with a slow phone is always frustrating, especially when you desperately need something to load quickly, and if you have an older iPhone, it probably runs slower than a newer one. However, no matter what model of iPhone you have, here are some of the most effective tricks that speed up the iPhone.

free up space

This may be obvious to some people, but they often forget how important it is to free up space on the iPhone in order to have a faster phone. The more free space you have, the faster your phone will run. And it would be better if you try to have at least 10GB of free space at all times, or roughly 10% of the available storage space. The best way to do this is to delete unnecessary files.

Here are some things you should clear:

◉ Photos : If you have hundreds of photos on your iPhone, try to transfer them to a computer, for example, or backup them via iCloud and erase them from your phone.

◉ Delete apps you don't use : Find out how much storage your apps take up in Settings - then Storage.

◉ Delete old text messages : Within the iPhone storage, you will be able to view the most important messages, which are the messages that take up more space. Delete those you no longer need.

◉ Clear Safari's Cache : It's important to clear Safari's cache to keep it running smoothly. Go to Safari settings, clear history and website data.

Restart the iPhone

When you don't have much time and need your iPhone to run faster, you should simply restart it. On reboot, your phone automatically clears all temporary files, also clears RAM, also closes all apps, which have active caches, restarting is basically like breathing fresh air for your phone, because it clears all these things and frees up some memory , which helps enhance overall performance.

Update to the latest iOS version
Even if you have an old iPhone, do not be afraid to update to the latest version of iOS, which is a great way to improve performance and get rid of errors that may cause problems with your phone, and updates are only to make the iPhone work efficiently and quickly.

Turn off automatic app updates and downloads

Because of automatic updates and downloads of apps that you forget may slow down your phone. It's best to update your apps manually and turn off all automatic updates. Automatic downloads can also cause a little slowdown because they enable apps downloaded on another of your Apple devices to be installed automatically on your iPhone.

Here's how to change this in your settings:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Click on the App Store.

◉ Switch apps, automatic app updates and downloads.

Factory settings

If you are still experiencing slow iPhone after trying all the other tricks we mentioned, you should try a factory reset. This is definitely not the most convenient point, as you will reset your iPhone to its factory default settings and delete all the data on your phone. So, back up all your data before performing the reset.

You can easily backup everything to iCloud, but if you don't have enough space, you can connect it to another device and back it up there.

Here is how to reset your iPhone:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Click General.

◉ Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

◉ Erase all content and settings.

Battery problem

This happened to me personally, as my device advanced in age and was keen to speed it up with the previous steps, but I was surprised by it being very slow when the charging rate reached 40 or 30% or less, and I did not know why, until it reached a critical point in which it was separated when 30% or a little less, I changed a reliable battery and the iPhone returned to work in its best condition.