What is Android 12L

What is Android 12L

We used to have at least one major update released every year by Google. The Android 12 is the version of 2021, but Google did not stop here this year. The next update recently was Android 12L which is a little different from the previous versions. It is simply an operating system that aims to build the Android 12 experience for big screen devices, including new foldable phones and tablets. Chromebook users will also benefit from the update.

Simply put, Google understands that foldable screens and large screen devices are the future of smartphones. Android 12L came as an update to a user interface that largely caters to these screens to better support the new form factors. But what new can we expect from this update?

Android 12L version features 

Android 12L makes it easy to experience devices with larger screens, so you can take advantage of every corner of the screen with a wider and more comprehensive interface. The system also links the user interface with multiple functions to take advantage of the extra space on your tablet. It makes it easier to use a large screen for tasks like notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and more. That is, quick settings and notifications can be displayed in a two-column view. 

The interesting thing in this version is that Google has added a dual notification center in the form of a double panel on foldable devices and tablets, instead of the usual notification center that appears to us when swiping from the top of the screen. It also allows users to view and interact with their own notifications while also looking at quick settings simultaneously. The Lock screen will now use a larger column layout to highlight notifications with time details such as the hour and date displayed as usual.

In addition to all this, other apps including the Settings app will be improved. Google makes it easier to interact with its operating system on larger screens. For example, (lock screen pattern and on the other side of the screen PIN controls are displayed on tablets) for easier access. You can tap on the other side of the screen to bring the PIN controls to that side and so on. The company is also improving the home screen's grid and polishing the absolute foldable transition in an effort to allow users to seamlessly transition from a single external screen to the large, uncovered screen.

When will Android 12L be available?

The 12L is scheduled for release early next year 2022. As mentioned, this will not be an update coming to all Android devices like the rest. It will be made available especially for tablets, foldable devices and other big screen devices. The improvements and features in Android 12L will be centered on the API. It will take some time to implement these features on most apps even if your device has Android 12L. And if you are an Android developer, you can start working with these APIs now. 

According to Google, Android will be available on phones as well, but most of the features will not be visible on smaller screens. Thus, it will not add much to a traditional smartphone. In the end, we can say that the Android 12L update is just an expansion of the normal user interface experience to match the large new, advanced foldable screens that come with new versions of phones and electronic devices!