GTA Online's New Update Finally Confirms


GTA Online's New Update Finally Confirms What Happened To Michael After GTA V
The little piece of data is barely noticeable in Dr. Dre-centered DLC, however, is vital for legend geeks

Fabulous Theft Auto Online's relationship with GTA V's timetable and the story has been unusual for quite a long time, thanks in enormous part to proceed with free extensions that occasionally go against past updates or occasions. In any case, that hasn't prevented Rockstar from attempting to associate GTA Online and GTA V's story and the most recent DLC featuring Dr. Dre and Franklin makes various references to the first game, including a barely noticeable piece of exchange that affirms Michael is as yet alive in GTA Online starting at 2021. It likewise is another piece of proof that Ending C is a group.

Delivered yesterday for every single significant stage, The Contract is the most current GTA Online update which adds a progression of missions spinning around a post-GTA V Franklin. In it, he attempts to help renowned rapper Dr. Dre recuperate his lost telephone that contains a ton of unreleased and incomplete material. While GTA Online's additional irritating characteristics, as long burden times and horrible servers, make it difficult to appreciate now and then, it's as yet an extraordinary update that is a genuine delight for enthusiasts of Franklin, Lamar, and GTA V overall.

Also for those sickos (like me) out there who care about the legend behind the GTA universe, this update contains a short affirmation that Michael is alive in 2021. Even better, it provides us with a brief look at what he has been up to since the finish of GTA V, which is set in 2013. How about we set everything up.

At a certain point during the update, as you pass through a film set, you begin pursuing a man in a golf truck who has maddened Dr. Dre. During the pursuit, Franklin says, "Man, crap, I know one of the makers around here. I trust his butt ain't at work today." This is a reference to Michael, who towards the finish of GTA V turns into a maker at that equivalent film studio, allowing him to chip away at films and experience his fantasies. Michael is alive and as yet working there in 2021 apparently affirms just one completion is presently conceivably ordinance in the GTA universe.

For the people who never beat GTA V some time ago or who did however presently almost 10 years after the fact you failed to remember what occurred, here's a fast overview of the endings.

Towards the finish of GTA V, Franklin is given three choices for how to end the game. Choice A sees him kill Trevor with the assistance of Michael. Choice B has Franklin rather follow Michael alone, killing him later he learns his girl is attending a university. (Abnormal… ) Finally, there is Option C otherwise known as "The Third Way" which has Franklin work with Michael and Trevor and some different characters to essentially tidy up each of the triplet's issues and last details in one long, complex yet fulfilling end.

To me, Option C has forever been the genuine closure of GTA V. It never sounded good to me with respect to why Franklin would kill Michael. Furthermore certain, killing Trevor is a touch more sensible, however still feels bizarre for Franklin. What's more, it appears, Rockstar concurs! This new voice line combined with a piece of discourse spoken by Ron in a past GTA Online update affirming Trevor is as yet alive implies that the main conceivable completion that can be ordinance presently is Ending C, where both principal characters make due.

Presently, some super GTA legend geeks will call attention to that we kind of as of now had it affirmed that Michael endures by means of a piece of discourse in GTA Online's Diamond and Casino update delivered in 2019. During a mission including the Los Santos Country Club, Tao Cheng specifies in Chinese that he nearly kicked the bucket here. This is a callback to a piece of Ending C including Cheng and his father getting assaulted by Franklin. Nonetheless, Michael isn't straightforwardly referred to in this mission, so I actually think this is nothing to joke about for GTA legend sickos such as myself to have unquestionable confirmation. He's alive! We realize what he's up to now.