Windows 11 The new version of Windows and its operating requirements

Windows 11 The new version of Windows and its operating requirements

Windows 11 is the latest current version of the Windows system, Windows 11 is one of the most popular and widespread operating systems ever, as well as produced by Microsoft, as this company released the first version of the operating system for Windows computers since 1993 AD, and it was the first version of the Windows operating system. 3.1, and in 1994 the version was upgraded to 3.51 for the year 1994 AD, and the developments of the Windows operating system took place from the 1995 AD version of NT in 1996 AD, until it developed to Windows 2000, then Windows XP, and then changed completely and the development of the Microsoft Windows operating system, from Vista to Windows 7 through Windows 8, until Windows 10 is completely modified and different from its predecessors, and with the beginning of a new technology era for Microsoft, and Microsoft expanded to include Windows for tablets, it finally released the modified Windows 11, which is compatible with Android, today we will take you in a new world, to know the latest versions of Microsoft, the Windows 11 operating system for the year 2021 AD, and we will also show you in this article what distinguishes this system, and what are the requirements that must be met to run Windows 11, if you are thirsty to know everything that the latest version of Windows has brought, then this article is what you want.

New version for Windows (Windows 11)

Microsoft has announced that it expects to start shipping the new version of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021 AD for computers and tablets running the Windows operating system. It added new capabilities to help Windows 11 users, as Microsoft's team is ready to help users at any time, to work with Windows 11, as well as free contact with the team's staff at any time, and Microsoft also released the modern version compatible with playing online and Android games, and there are changes in divisions and tasks Windows 11.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements that must be met for devices running Windows 11 The processor, it must be 1 gigahertz (GHZ), or a faster processor running a COC chip, secondly, the memory must be 1 gigabyte for a 32-bit system, and 2 gigabytes For a 64-bit version, and 16 GB of hard disk space for a 32-bit operating system, and 32 GB for a 64-bit operating system, As for graphics, graphics or graphics card, Direct X9 capability or later WDDM 1.0, the screen is not less than 600 X 800 pixels, connect to the Internet, you should always be online, to enjoy the best experience of performance, security, and the help of Microsoft Team at any time.

In the end, we would like to add that all the vulnerabilities have been modified in Windows 10, although the destinations are not entirely different from Windows 10, but the new system so far partially supports Android applications and guarantees its users an enjoyable experience of online games, and as we are used to from Microsoft On continuous development and creativity.

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